Saturday November 21st 2020: Minisymposium “The best of 10 years Sky High Creations” (Via Zoom)

In November 2020 we celebrate our 10th anniversary. For a decade Sky High Creations have been organising lectures, symposia and workshops on frontier science and spirituality. We (Nancy Polet and me Roeland Beljon have been studying these topics for over 30 years but Sky High Creations started with Nancy’s lecture “The transforming power of crop circles” in November 2010. Since then, over 100 speakers have spoken on many differect subjects varying from crop circles to modern day phenomena like the corona crisis.

Speaking of which, we wanted to celebrate our 10th anniversary in a large venue with many people, but for the time being that is not allowed. So we take to the web once again and we celebrate via zoom. That gives us the opportunity to share our anniversary with the whole world! We selected 6 of our best Dutch speakers and we are proud to introduce them to our international audience as well as our Dutch audience.

We chose the same format that we use for our renowned “Night of Crop Circling”. That means that we have 6 speakers in one night, giving them 20 minutes each to bring their view across. Should you be wanting to hear more from one of them, just ask and maybe we will invite them to do a full lenght lecture via zoom in the future.


Eric Huysmans
After two academic studies and 15 years in different commercial jobs, in 1999 Eric shifted his focus to consciousness development. He now guides people in his practice Sensability in Breda. Besides techniques like NLP he uses Breathflow, Mindfulness and Energywork. In 2019 he started the College of Ageless Wisdom as a platform for giving lectures, workshops and courses. He also wrote many articles and three books about these subjects.

Presentation: 2025 and the externalisation of the Hierarchy
In 2025 the Masters of Wisdom, also called the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, will come together in conclave as they always do in the 25th year of every century. They gathered last in 1925.
This is the most important event of our time, though not many people are aware. The impact of their decisions is enormous for Humanity. Will they externalise into the physical world or will they wait because Humanity is not ready for it?
The Masters of the Hierarchy are the guardians over Humanity and translate the forces from Shamballa to Humanity. They are headed by the Christ, the Grandmaster of Love/Wisdom, while Shamballa, on a higher turn of the spiral, is headed by the Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara. It is said that the Christ will also reappear together with the externalisation of the Masters.
One of the Masters is Djwhal Khul, or the Tibetan. He gave Humanity the Ageless Wisdom Teachings via Alice Bailey.
In this talk Eric Huysmans will explain more about this momentous event, and what is asked from us during the coming years to make a contribution, which hopefully will lead to this externalisation and to the reappearance of the World Teacher.

Saskia Bosman Phd.
Saskia Bosman is a biologist, tour operator and consciousness trainer. She has been studying mankind, DNA, cellular structure, the brain, consiousness and evolution for over 40 years. From her body of knowledge as medical biologist she teaches people to connect body and mind as well as matter ad consciousness. This is her contribution to human evolution.

Presentation: Turn your body into a vehicle of inner growth!
Our consciousness has a profound influence on the physical body. Do you choose chronic stress or a continuous state of inner peace, calmness and stress-resistance? Scientific research demonstrates that our thoughts, words and perceptions direct the way our DNA expresses itself in the body and the wiring that our neurons make in and outside our brain. Also get acquainted with your head brain, heart brain and abdominal brain, as well as the pineal gland which is your cosmic antenna. As soon as you know this you can start to transform your body (and mind) from a limiting vehicle of stress into a blossoming, free vehicle of enthusiasm, inner growth and happiness! We are at the beginning of a wonderful journey of conscious evolution. After a short meditation Saskia will tell and show you in simple words and lively pictures how it all works!

Rolf Nuyts
Rolf first encountered the Out of Body Experience phenomenon at age 10. This made him research reality by studying phylosophy, religion, history, politics, economics etc. In 2003 he stumbled onto the work of Bob Monroe. Then it all came together. He started experimenting and learned how to integrate his experience in daily life. Since 2013 he is a certified trainer for the Monroe Institute and member of the board. Using the Hemi-sync method, he teaches people to discover their own authority and souvereign self.

Presentation: About consciousness and spiritual belief system
A belief system is a mental framework which organises and stores your experience in the world of events. It is a filter through which all incoming perceptual data flows; it categorises, labels, interprets, judges and defines your life’s flow of events.

But … a belief system also determines where you end up … after dying.
Come and take a stroll amidst your belief systems. Not only the religious, scientific or cultural ones can be harmful or even disastrous. No, often it’s the spiritual ones you have to watch out for :-).
Geert Kimpen
Geert Kimpen is an accomplished writer. He wrote several succesfull novels that were well received in the Dutch spiritual community. Some of them were translated in multiple languages and reprinted many times. Main issue in most of his books is love and the relationshop between men and women on a physical level as well as emotional and spiritual.
Presentation: Everything you always wanted to know about love, sex, soulmates, men and women, but were afraid to ask. Now’s your chance!
Geert Kimpen and his partner Michelle Shanti are experts in the relationship between men and women especially from a spiritual point of view. They write about it, they teach, they practice and they are an altogether beautiful and lovely couple. Ask them about how they met and you will be flabbergasted! They will answer all questions you have honestly and vividly. 
Dr. Coen Vermeeren, Aerospace Engineer
Coen Vermeeren studied and lectured Aerospace engineering at the University of Delft. In the Netherlands he is considered to be a hero because he put his respectable job on the line for his belief that the UFO phenomenon should be studied scientifically at his university. He had to pay the ultimate price and was dismissed from the university. He fights for truth on matters like 911, Ufo’s, etc. He is currently a writer.
Presentation: Ufo’s the bigger picture
The Ufo phenomenon has been debated about since the crash at Roswell in 1947. Coen Vermeeren thinks that we have to accept that Ufo’s are a fact. Too many eye wittnesses report to have seen unexplained phenomena to discard it any longer. Among them military, police officers, pilots and  politicians. Wether ufo’s come from outer space or if they are just military experiments, it should be the subject of scientific research. Tonight Coen will show in depth what the bigger picture on this topic is and explain how we should view this in our time.
Bert Janssen
Bert Janssen is one of the world leading crop circle researchers. He produced several documentaries on the topic as well as several books. He specialises in synchronicities and what he calls the otherworld. He is well known for his inspiring and entertaining talks all over the world. In the past decades, Bert has experienced many synchronicities and started researching where this phenomenon comes from and how it works. He recently presented his findings in the book “The Organizing Principle”. www.bertjanssen,nl
Presentation: The Organizing Principle 2.0
In his book “The Organizing Principle” Bert explains that there are no coincidences. In this talk he will present various examples of the organizing principle in day to day life. The lecture will be different from the one he gave during the “Night of Crop Circling”.
Programme: Mind you, this is CET or Amsterdam time.
8.00 pm: Introduction and Eric Huysmans
8.20 pm: Saskia Bosman
8.40 pm: Rolf Nuyts
9.00 pm: Geert Kimpen
9.20 pm: Coen Vermeeren
9.40 pm: Bert Janssen
10.00 pm: Time to say good beye and questions
10.30 pm: Zoom meeting closes
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