Heather Clewett

Heather ClewettHeather Clewett has devoted years to the study, practice and exploration of ancient healing methods of the Inka and pre-Inka Shamans. Heather is an acclaimed lecturer, teacher, healer, researcher, and writer who assists people in the United States and Europe to create sustainable change in all aspects of their lives.

Heather Clewett, founder and director of InkaVisions, practices the ancient techniques of the Q’ero, the high mountain Shamans of the Peruvian Andes — some of the last remaining Inka Shaman elders skilled in the ancient healing methods dating back thousands of years.

inkavisionThese Energy healing processes involve working on the emotional matrix behind illness, disease, and disharmony before symptoms manifest in the physical body. Heather works within the “Luminous Energy Field” (LEF) which is the original luminous blueprint and contains the stories that determine how we will live, how we will heal, and how we might die. By erasing these stories that have been etched into the LEF by genetics, past or current Karma, and past or current illness, the body and mind returns to optimum levels of health and well-being.

These methods assist Heather in facilitating a healed state for her clients. Many years of intensive research, a degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics, as well as Heather’s success in such diverse areas as technology, business management, scientific research, and client healing/counseling, gives Heather the expertise capable of explaining and IMG_2424demonstrating the connection between Science and Spirit.

Heather Clewett is married to Dutch researcher, writer and lecturer Bert Janssen. Together they teach the Remote Viewing, Tracking and Meta Tracking class.

More information is to be found at: www.inkavisions.com