Wednesday July 27th 2022, The 8th! “A Night of Crop Circling” (Live in Alton Barnes)

In 2015 Sky High Creations organised the first “Night of Crop Circling” in Alton Barnes, right in the middle of crop circle country in Wiltshire UK. Since then we did one every year.  In the last 2 years we had to take to the internet, but this summer we will be live again! As always, a series of 6 short lectures on various crop circle related topics. 

Confirmed speakers for 2022 are:

Roeland Beljon (NL)

Roeland is a Sociology major and has been working in the field of mobility management and environmental consultancy for over 25 years. has been visiting Wiltshire and the Crop Circles together with Nancy Polet since 1994. In 1995 they joined the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies. A group of croppies that is still going strong today. Roeland has been chairman of the DCCCS for the past 11 years. In 2010 Roeland and Nancy founded Sky High Creations to bring together like minded people. Since then they have organised hundreds of lectures, workshops and symposia on frontier sciences and spiritual growth. The “Night of Crop Circling” is their highlight of the year. 

Presentation: “Crabwood 2002, the message”
In August 2002 a very special crop circle appeared at Crabwood in Hampshire UK. It was a depiction of a classic grey alien face and what looked like a compact disc. The disc contained a binary code with a message for humanity. Who knew that this message would be so spot on in this day and age? It was prophetic. Roeland will explain what, in his opinion, this message means and refers to.

Igor Eeckhaut (B)

Igor Eeckhaut “Oakwood” (1979) among other occupations is Translator-Interpreter. He studied Intercultural Communication & Management and Herbalism. Since his youth, Igor has always been fascinated by the mysteries of life. At a young age, he already had premonitory dreams, telepathic and clairvoyant abilities and a fascination for nature and for extra-terrestrial life. During his studies, he discovers the art of ecstatic dancing and the world of psychedelics, which allow him to obtain deep knowledge of the nature of reality and language.
After his studies, he starts to travel and during his first big trip to Mexico and Guatemala, he receives an intense shamanic initiation of the Quiché-Maya in Palenque in which the secrets of the Galactic alignment of our solar system are revealed. In order to share his insights, he writes his first books ‘Talen van de Dageraad’ and organizes several shamanic festivals and conferences in Belgium between 2007 and 2013.

Presentation: Crop Circle Reconstructions
“This mind-blowing story begins on the night of July 28th 2010 (exactly 12 years ago), in Alton Barnes, England, when Igor and a friend have a close encounter with three plasma balls which transform into humanoid shapes in front of their eyes. What seems like a hallucination at first sight will turn out to have very tangible consequences in real everyday life. Igor will talk about the roller-coaster that is his life since then and what part crop circles play in it.
This talk is a sneak preview of the full length lecture that Igor will give the next day, July 28th 2022. More info:

Dan Vidler (UK)

Dan has been investigating and photographing the interiors of crop circles since 2003, documenting the finer details within the laid crop and reporting on significant features at ground level. Close inspection of laid stems often reveals unique, surprising and mysterious aspects of the phenomenon, reflecting the beauty and majesty seen from an aerial perspective but which might go unnoticed to all but the keenest observer. 

Presentation: Exploring the Hackpen Hill Crop Circle – 4th June 2022
Within hours of its appearance, Peter van den Burg had deciphered the message of this unusual formation: LOVE.
A revelation in itself, the pattern of circles and rings, at face value, is both clear and definite. However, investigating the 33 components of this pattern on the ground revealed many intriguing features within the laid crop. The direction of laid stems, the labyrinthine quality of the flow and the direction of energy within has led to further research and many deeper insights, which appear to go beyond the obvious… 

Guy Shepherd (UK)

Guy Shepherd and his motorbike are a familiar site for those who have roamed the crop circles the past few years. Although relatively new to the phenomenon, Guy has seen around 50 crop circles up close in just three years time. Of course, being a resident of crop circle country, Wiltshire, the Vale of Pewsey to be exact, makes that easier for him. First and foremost, Guy has a passion for people and jewellery. His dedication to this is manifested in his magical home and gallery, The Smithy. Guy uses this base to entertain clients and friends, walk the Wessex downs, motorcycle beyond, take photographs and write novels. His spiritual attachment to the local permanent stone circles and more occasional crop varieties, fuel this haven for the arts, happiness and well being.

Presentation: “ABC, 123”
Having seen almost every crop circle in Wiltshire the past few years, Guy doesn’t have his head up in the sky. He is a boots on the ground type of person with an interest in writing and numbers. That is why he is going to show everything alphabetical and numerical that he found in crop circles over the years. Of course Guy will show lots of pictures that prove his point. 

Nancy Polet LLM (NL), Crop Circle researcher since 1994

Nancy witnessed her first crop circle opposite Silbury Hill in 1994 and was immediately hooked. Since then she came to the UK for the crop circles every summer. A specialist in environmental law by profession and a specialist in the esoteric she can combine the world of the left brain and the right brain like no other. Nancy has been a member of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies since the foundation in 1995. Nowadays Nancy is an open channel due to a kundalini-awakening experience in November 2021.

Presentation: “An Archangel and a personal third-eye synchronicity in Wiltshire UK”
In 2018 Nancy experienced yet another crop circle adventure. It turned out to be stacked with synchronicity even though it only took a couple of hours. But it involves swift decision making, fast driving, “coincidental” meetings, music by Price, and of course one magnificent crop circle! But first she will talk about her meeting with Archangel Uriel.

Randell, (NL) Crop Circle researcher and visual artist

As a Dutch artist, activist and aware dreamer, Randell has been an inspirer most of his life. Although he studied the crop circle phenomenon long before 2007, only since then, he appeared physically in the fields every year. 
More info about Randell can be found at his website:

Presentation: Tools for ascention 
In this presentation Randell will explain how crop circles relate to the idea of ascending. With crop circles as a tool, ascending becomes more real, most certainly when we consider the ascention proces a personal choise. This implies an interactive attitude instead of waiting for it to happen. You can learn more about Randell’s crop circle insights at his website:



7.30 pm: Doors open
8.00 pm: Roeland Beljon
coronation hall door8.20 pm: Igor Eeckhaut
8.40 pm: Dan Vidler
9.00 pm: Coffee break
9.30 pm: Guy Shepherd
9.50 pm: Nancy Polet
10.10 pm: Randell
10.30 pm: End
11.00 pm: Coronation Hall closes

If you are in the UK, or to be specific in Wiltshire, it is of course best if you come over to the Coronation Hall and join us live. But if you are unable to come over, this year we will do the Night of Crop Circling on zoom too! This will be a live broadcast so calculate carefully what the times are in your part of the world. We will start at 8.00 PM London time. For example that is 9.00 PM in central Europe and Noon in California.
If you want to join via zoom, registration is required. You can register untill 24 hours before we start. We will send the link to the zoom session on July 27th, well before we start. 
If you want to register, send us an email with “NOC ZOOM” as title. We will send you a paypal invoice for € 15,–. After payment you will receive the link a couple of hours before the Night of Crop Circling starts. 
If you want to join us live in Alton Barnes, see the details below. 

Have a look at our video page to see some of the lectures in the previous years.

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Date: Wednesday July 27th 2022
Location: Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK SN8 4LB
Close to the Milk Hill White Horse
Tickets only at the door £ 15,–
Coffee or tea £ 1,–