Saturday January 9th 2021, “Crop circles and the alchemical relation to raising our consciousness” Lecture by Kathy Mingo (Via Zoom)

Nights of Crop Circling, The Long Versions, featuring Kathy Mingo

For the past 6 years, we have been doing “A Night of Crop Circling” in the middle of the crop cirlcle season. Every time we had 6 speakers that could do a talk of just 20 minutes. Now, in these dark times we decided to lighten life up a bit by giving these speakers the chance to do a full lecture. Crop Circles are a welcome distraction from the madness of the world we live in. 

Crop circles and the alchemical relation to rasing our consciousness
Crop circles and their geometry help to teach us that our divine connection is not only aligned to consciousness but also blends a deep alchemical knowledge. The link to conscioussness through sacred geometry is well noted. but the synchronicity that occurs in the crop circle world opens up a more mysterious question…Why are we here and what is our connection to the sacred landscape?

Kathy Mingo
Kathy Mingo is a channel and healer with 20 plus years of working in the field of mediumship/channeling and quantum consciousness. She has clients from around the globe and has a waiting list for appointments now 18 months in advance.
Kathy is co founder of Quantum Inspiration… which is teaching people to access their own beliefs about spiritual progress ect.
Being an avid crop circle enthusiast… Kathy is now in her 19th year of crop circle chasing.

Programme (CET, Central European Time, Amsterdam)
7.40 pm CET: zoom meeting opens
8.00 pm CET: start
9.30 pm CET: questions
10.00 pm CET: zoom meeting ends 
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