Saturday March 6th 2021, “Crop Circles, Sacred Geometry and Synchronicity ” Lecture by Karen Alexander (Via Zoom)

Nights of Crop Circling, The Long Versions, featuring Karen Alexander

For the past 6 years, we have been doing “A Night of Crop Circling” in the middle of the crop cirlcle season. Every time we had 6 speakers that could do a talk of just 20 minutes. Now, in these dark times we decided to lighten life up a bit by giving these speakers the chance to do a full lecture. Crop Circles are a welcome distraction from the madness of the world we live in. Tonight’s talk is by Karen Alexander.

Karen Alexander
Karen Alexander is a long time circles researcher of over 30 years (1990-present day) who has for many years brought a thoughtful and introspective touch to researching the crop circles. A highly respected and influential speaker and writer, her work seamlessly fuses sacred art, spirituality, psychology and philosophy – the scholarly and the intuitive. Karen is perhaps best known as the writer behind the annually published Crop Circle Year Books (1999 – 2019) and Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders & Mysteries (Arcturus, 2006 & updated in 2009 & 2013). She is also known for her hand drawn images and paintings of the crop circles which are widely admired and collected. Karen has a background in counselling and psychotherapy and has facilitated and taken part in a number of groups and projects over the last 20 years looking specifically into crop circles and their connection with consciousness. She also runs the annual Temporary Temples Crop Circle Conference. More information on Karen Alexander and her work can be found at:
Crop Circles, Sacred Geometry and Synchronicity 
In this talk Karen will discuss two of the major components of the crop circle phenomenon – Sacred Geometry & Synchronicity. Both are often quoted by researchers and enthusiasts, but what do we really know about them and what can they really tell us about the phenomenon? Karen will also discuss her own method for working with the formations, and will discuss why we might need to slow-down, stop chasing the circles and actually spend sometime with them. The circles appear each summer like gifts from the Gods – but what do we actually do with them?! How can we turn our passive response to the formations into an active and positive response, how do we take the deep feelings and emotions the circles evoke within us and actually begin work with them? 
Programme (CET, Central European Time, Amsterdam)
7.40 pm CET: zoom meeting opens
8.00 pm CET: start
9.30 pm CET: questions
10.00 pm CET: zoom meeting ends 
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