Saturday May 18th 2024, “A different look at Crop Circle Geometry – Harmonic ratios in affected areas in relation to the overall design”, Talk by Peter van den Burg (ZOOM)

Peter van den Burg is a 52 year old crop circle researcher with an undying fascination for crop circles, their geometric properties and how they relate to the landscape. He is a respected and acclaimed crop circle geometrist and works closely with other crop circle researchers like Karen Alexander.

Peter got hooked on crop circles after stumbling on the Terje Tøftenes documentary on Norwegian Televison in 2007. He immediately started collecting all information on crop circles he could get.

His fascination for geometry stems from Peter’s fondness of things measurable and quantifiable. For him spirituality needs to be grounded in reality. And geometry is the anchor that secures him from floating away. Peter is fascinated how deciphering crop circles, geometry and the relation to the surrounding landscape endlessly unearths deeper layers of information.

Living and working in healthcare in Norway means that he saw his first crop circle over there. That was in Skien in Norway in 2012. It was a strange experience. Although the crop circle had all sighns of being a genuine one, he couldn’t bring himself to declare it as such. As if he was held back by some unseen force. Since, he has been over to Wilthire which is the centre of all crop circle activity in the world.

The advantage of living in Norway is that there is plenty of authentic nature around. For Peter, being surrounded by nature and consciously experiencing the change of the seasons is a spiritual experience. It makes him aware that the world doesn’t revolve around himself and that there is more to reality than just the world that the eye can see. In such a world there is room for a phenomenon like crop circles.

Peter has been a speaker at the Temporary Temples Conference three times already and this is his second appearance for Sky High Creations.

For the past two years, Peter has been doing research into the measurements of the various surfaces in crop circles. The total surface compared tot he pieces of lying and standing crop. When converted to a simple shape (circle, square, golden ratio rectangle), the surface often has a harmonic relationship with the total design of a crop circle. As obvious as this may sound, Peter will show that it isn’t and why this effect is hard to copy. It is no about genuine versus hoax, but more that this poses a fundamentally different view on geometry as well as graphic design.

Programme (CET, Central European Time, Amsterdam)
7.40 pm CET: zoom waiting room opens
8.00 pm CET: start
9.30 pm CET: questions
10.00 pm CET: zoom-meeting ends (indication)

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