These are all English spoken events that we have organised since 2010 in chronological order starting with the latest one. For all Dutch events see the Dutch website.

  • Saturday, May 16th, “Alternative Opinions on Key Current Events – A Balanced View”, Zoom Lecture by Andy Thomas

    The situation we currently find ourselves in has caused enormous distress and confusion around the world. Yet although the worst may now be over, many people in the ‘truth seeking’ world continue to question the official narrative of the events and their causes, stimulating a draconian wave of public censorship which has severe implications for the future of free speech. How can we make sense of all the arguments and why they exist, and what will the consequences of these times be? ANDY THOMAS, author of Conspiracies and The Truth Agenda, addresses the controversies in a non-polarised and accessible way to help bring clarity and understanding.

    Andy Thomas
    Andy Thomas is one of the UK’s best-known researchers into conspiracies, unexplained mysteries and cover-ups, and is the author of many books, including Conspiracies: The Facts – The Theories – The Evidence and The Truth Agenda. Andy’s renowned guide to crop circles, Vital Signs, was nominated for Kindred Spirit magazine’s Best Book award. He also writes on history and folklore and his book Christmas: A Short History from Solstice to Santa was published globally in 2019. Andy has given thousands of lectures in Britain and around the world over nearly three decades and he is one of the organisers of the Glastonbury Symposium conference, the longest-running annual alternative event in the UK, now 30 years old. Andy has made numerous radio and TV appearances over the years, and mainstream spots have included programs for the BBC, NBC, The History Channel and The National Geographic Channel, and he writes regularly for Nexus Magazine.
    Andy Thomas is one of the best speakers in the world on the topic of current affairs. Every year he speaks at the world renowned Glastonbury Symposium. A must see lecture with spot on analyses and humor. We (Nancy and Roeland aka Sky High Creations) have attended the lecture every year since 1995.

    Find more information about Andy Thomas and his work on his website:

    This is the article Andy Thomas just wrote on this subject, click on the image to read it.

    Here’s an example of one of the excellent lectures Andy Thomas gave at the Glastonbury Symposium:

    Programme (CET, Central European Time, Amsterdam)
    7.40 pm CET: zoom meeting opens
    8.00 pm CET: start
    9.30 pm CET: questions
    10.00 pm CET: zoom meeting ends

    If you want to attend this on-line lecture, send us an e-mail at entitled “Andy Thomas”. Transfer € 15,– pp to NL78 ABNA 0467074526 to R.J. Beljon (BIC Code: ABNANL2A). After payment we send you the link to the zoom meeting. You can log on from 20 minutes before the lecture starts. If you don’t have zoom installed just yet, this link will automatically install it for you. If you have never used zoom before, install it well before the lecture and log on early. If you run into trouble call us at +31 (0) 6 54752559.

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  • Wednesday July 31st 2019, The Fifth! “A Night of Crop Circling” (Alton Barnes)

    In the summer of 2019, Sky High Creations will organise the fifth “Night of Crop Circling”. Like the previous years, a series of 6 short lectures on various crop circle related topics. There will also be a stall with crop circle jewelry and other crop circle memorabilia managed by Annemieke Witteveen. 

    Confirmed speakers for 2019 are:

    Karen Alexander

    Karen Alexander is main conference organiser, conference host, workshop facilitator and speaker. Karen is a long time circles researcher (1990-present day) who has for many years brought a thoughtful and introspective touch to researching the crop circles. A highly respected and influential speaker and writer, her work seamlessly fuses sacred art, spirituality, psychology and philosophy – the scholarly and the intuitive. Karen is perhaps best known as the writer behind the annually published Crop Circle Year Books (1999 – 2018) and Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders & Mysteries (Arcturus, 2006 & updated in 2009 & 2012). She is also known for her hand drawn images and paintings of the crop circles which are widely admired and collected. Karen has a background in counselling and psychotherapy and has facilitated and taken part in a number of groups and projects over the last 20 years looking specifically into crop circles and their connection with consciousness.

    Presentation: “The Whole of the Phenomenon: A Romance in many dimensions”

    Francine Blake

    Francine Blake came to Britain in 1968 from Quebec, Canada to study Ancient Knowledge. She discovered the crop circle phenomenon in 1989 and three years later she moved to Wiltshire, where they predominate, to study the formations at close range. In 1995, she founded the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group which grew within four years to a worldwide membership of over 400. The aim was to study the phenomenon in all of its aspects: physical, metaphysical and spiritual (mind, body, spirit). To this effect she photographed many of the crop circle designs from 1995 until 2012, on the ground as well as in helicopters. The Group contributed to further the scientific evidence, collecting specimens of wheat and earth from within the crop design formations to be analysed in laboratories in the UK and the USA.

    She has taken many group tours and given many lectures on crop circles, ancient knowledge and about ancient sites, as well as staging an annual two-day conference over fifteen years in Marlborough College, Wiltshire with up to 500 attendees and speakers from across the world. Francine has presented the phenomenon (in English and in French) throughout the British Isles, in France, Belgium, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, South Africa, India and Brazil and enjoys a word-wide reputation for her work.

    Presentation: “Crop Circles revisited – formations of significance from previous decades” 
    In her lecture Francine shows the scientific evidence of the effects of crop circles on plants and on the soil; she explores some of the meanings contained in their geometric designs, illustrated with a selection of some of the most amazing designs to have graced our fields during the last three decades, photographed by her.

    Kathy Mingo

    Kathy Mingo is a channel and healer with 20 plus years of working in the field of mediumship/channeling and quantum consciousness. She has clients from around the globe and has a waiting list for appointments now 18 months in advance.
    Kathy is co founder of Quantum Inspiration… which is teaching people to access their own beliefs about spiritual progress ect.
    Being an avid crop circle enthusiast… Kathy is now in her 19th year of crop circle chasing.

    Presenation:  Manifesting crop circles and the link to consciousness

    Geoff Fitzpatrick

    Geoff Fitzpatrick was introduced to mandalas whilst studying the pioneering work of Carl G Jung and  has spent the past 15 years exploring the intersection of geometry, spirituality and psychology through these symbols. Working with mandalas has opened Geoff to the profound power geometry possesses to influence states of consciousness. The construction of sacred sand mandalas during Geoff’s Mandalanature sessions open people to a deeper aspect of themselves by blending creativity, geometry and mindfulness in a unique and special way. In addition to his studies at Trinity College, Dublin and the Milltown Institute, Geoff has trained with Dr. Stanislav Grof MD learning a psychotherapeutic technique called Holotropic Breathwork. Dr. Grof’s cartography of the psyche informs the Manalanature model entirely.

    Presentation: Geoff’s presentation will be about crop circle geometry

    Robert Zwemmer

    Robert Zwemmer ( 1955 ) lived in India, the US and several European countries following a certain curiousness about the source of life. After a crisis in the early nineties he particularly studied the lives of remarkable human teachers like J. Krishnamurti, Osho, Yogananda, who talked about ‘cosmic consciousness’.  Around 2001 he ran into a huge text called The Urantia Book and soon afterwards also learned more about the crop circles. Since The Urantia Book adresses lots of scientific topics this all led to an interesting study which suggests we live in an exciting universe.  Most sciencefiction movies  – and scientific developments as well – seem intrigued by  the idea that we live in a  dangerous universe, with all kinds of hostile creatures. Crop circles, spiritual teachers and mysterious texts like The Urantia Book are pointing in a different direction.

    Presentation: In his lecture, Robert will put crop circles in the perspective posed by The Urantia Book.

    Frank Stadermann

    A Lawyer by profession, Frank never thought much of the spiritual or the super natural. Close to his retirement his wife pursuaded him into coming on a trip to visit the crop circles in Wiltshire. Reluctantly he agreed and during the week his mind began to change. “This is not possible” was his mantra for a couple of days and back home he began to study everything there is to know about crop circles. In his search for the truth he stumbled on another phenomenon, orbs. Now, a couple of years on, he is close to publishing a book about the orb phenomenon, that as far is he is concerned should present everything there is to know about it. He aproaches the phenomenon equally thorough as he would a court case. Proof beyond reasonable doubt.

    Presentation. No surprise Frank’s lecture will be about orbs in relation to the crop circle phenomenon.


    7.30 pm: Doors open
    8.00 pm: Francine Blake
    coronation hall door8.20 pm: Robert Zwemmer
    8.40 pm: Frank Stadermann
    9.00 pm: Tea/Coffee Break
    9.30 pm: Karen Alexander
    9.50 pm: Geoff Fitzpatrick
    10.10 pm: Kathy Mingo
    10.30 pm: End
    11.00 pm: Coronation Hall closes


    Annemieke Witteveen
    Annemieke got involved in crop circles in 2002 . The next year she went to Wiltshire on her own and soaked herself in the phenomenon. Nowadays Annemieke is a well known and respected face in the crop circle community. She is also known for her Antroposophical dolls, filled with the seeds from crop circles. Annemieke wrote several children’s books one of which revolves around crop circles. She has a vast experience visiting crop circles and knows everyone.

    Have a look at our video page to see some of the lectures in the previous years

    Or see the pictures of the 2018 Night of Crop Circling2017 Night of Crop Circling, the 2016 Night of Crop Circling or the 2015 Night of Crop Circling

    Date: Wednesday July 31st, 2019
    Location: Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK SN8 4LB
    Close to the Milk Hill White Horse
    Tickets only at the door £ 12,–
    Coffee or tea £ 1,–

  • Wednesday August 1st 2018, “A Night of Crop Circling”

    In the summer of 2018, Sky High Creations will organise yet another “Night of Crop Circling”. Like the previous years, a series of 6 short lectures on various crop circle related topics. There will also be stalls with crop circle books, jewelry and other crop circle memorabilia. 

    Program (the order of speakers may vary)
    7.30 pm: Doors open
    8.00 pm: Nancy Polet LL.M
    coronation hall door8.20 pm: Nina Elshof
    8.40 pm: Joanna Emery
    9.00 pm: Tea/Coffee Break
    9.30 pm: Monique Klinkenbergh
    9.50 pm: Johny Webb
    10.10 pm: Dr. Coen Vermeeren
    10.30 pm: End
    11.00 pm: Coronation Hall closes


    Nancy Polet LL.M (NL), Crop Circle researcher since 1994
    Nancy saw her first crop circle opposite Silbury Hill in 1994 and was immediately hooked. Since then she came to the UK for the crop circles every summer. A specialist in environmental law by profession and a specialist in the esoteric by heart she can combine the world of the left brain and the right brain like no other. Together with her partner Roeland she is the driving force behind Sky High Creations an the Night of Crop Cirlcing.

    Presentation: “Crop Circles and Transformation”
    In her presentation Nancy will show that crop circles have an effect on your brain. The images work on a sub conscious level. However they can have a lasting effect on the spectator. She knows from her own experience. 

    Nina Elshof (NL), Master in Conceptual Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki.
    Nina is a Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki master and teacher. She is the founding director of the first and fully accredited Dutch Feng Shui Academy. In her work she uses Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki to guide people, organizations and businesses to a better understanding of themselves and the world. Nina has been coming to the UK since 1995 and during those visits has had some remarkable experiences with crop circles, one of which one she will share in this presentation.

    Presentation: “A Flock of Swallows: The Message of Amazons on Wings”
    In her presentation Nina will talk about the Swallows formation of South Field 2008. She was very close when the formation was created and she feels a deep connection with it. She will connect her experience with global change and the ‘reemergence of the archetypal feminine’.

    Joanna Emery (CA), Canadian Crop Circle researcher 
    Joanna Emery was born in London, UK, but raised in Canada.  She volunteered with the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN) for many years and has visited formations across Ontario, Canada, as well as those in England.  Joanna continues to introduce others to the phenomenon locally and through her blog,

    Presentation “Crop Circles – The Canadian Contexts”
    “I have always been drawn to real-life mysteries, and have been following the crop circle phenomenon with a passion since 1999.  I will give a brief overview of Canadian formations, what they may be teaching us, and my own synchronistic experiences with crop circles.”.

    Monique Klinkenbergh (NL), owner of the Crop Circle Exhibition and Information Centre in Honeystreet
    Monique is well known in the crop circle community. She took the initiative for an exhibition that lays out the history of crop circles from the mowing devil in the 16th century untill the latest Wiltshire gems. It proved to be succesful too. Many tourist and croppies came to see this great place in the past years.

    After Monique was introduced to the crop circles, life was never the same again. She gave up business life to chase her dream. What happened? And why are the crop circles so important for her? 

    Johny Webb (UK), Radio Talk Show Host and eye witness to the forming a a crop cirlce in Hoeven (The Netherlands)
    Johny Webb co-hosts with Dr. J on a regular basis from his lair in Balham London England. Johny always aims for the unusual, the twist, the subtle connections in the lore of UFOlogy that may not be readily apparent. Johny is always looking for the connection to the darker, unseen forces that often reside in the world of what some might call conspiracy theory and pseudoscience, looking for plausible connections between the known and the unknown Phenomenology. and

    Johny will describe in detail what happened in Hoeven when he went to a field at night with Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke. Much to their suprise they witnessed the forming of a fresh crop circle.

    Dr. Coen Vermeeren, former head of Studium Generale at the University of Delft 
    Coen Vermeeren studied and lectured Aerospace engineering at the University of Delft. In the Netherlands he is considered to be a hero because he put his respectable job on the line for his belied that the UFO phenomenon should be studied scientifically at his university. He had to pay the ultimate price and was dismissed from the university. He fights for truth on matters as 911, Ufo’s, chemtrails, and crop circles. He is now the head of his own “Studium Generale Breda. 

    Presentation: “Crop Circles viewed from true scientific wonder”
    Coen Vermeeren believes that all matters should be approached and researched from true scientific wonder. Especially matters like Ufo’s and crop circles. As a scientist it is his duty to find out what is going on. Coen was introduced in the crop circle phenomenon in 2008 as a side effect of his interest in Ufo’s. He went on a crop circle tour with Bert Janssen, Heather Clewett and Roeland Beljon and life was never to be the same again. Coen will talk about his quest and his findings as a scientist. 


    Annemieke Witteveen


    Have a look at our video page to see some of the lectures in 2015, 2016 and 2017

    Or see the pictures of the 2017 Night of Crop Circling, the 2016 Night of Crop Circling or the 2015 Night of Crop Circling

    Date: Wednesday August 1st, 2018
    Location: Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK SN8 4LB
    Close to the Milk Hill White Horse
    Tickets only at the door, £ 10,– p.p, no reservations needed
    Coffee or tea £ 1,–

  • Wednesday August 2nd 2017, “A Night of Crop Circling”

    In the summer of 2017, Sky High Creations will organise the third “Night of Crop Circling”. Like the previous years, a series of 6 short lectures on various crop circle related topics. There will also be stalls with crop circle books, jewelry and other crop circle memorabilia. 

    7.30 pm: Doors open
    8.00 pm: Philiipe Ullens: “Crop Circles from the Air”
    coronation hall door8.20 pm: Randell: “Stamps to Samsara”
    8.40 pm: Michael Glickman: “Bearing false Witness”
    9.00 pm: Tea/Coffee Break
    9.30 pm: Lucy Pringle: “Facts and Frequencies”
    9.50 pm: James Hussey: “A Farmer’s Perspective”
    10.10 pm: Gary King: “Cards on the Table”
    10.30 pm: End
    11.00 pm: Coronation Hall closes


    Philippe Ullens, Crop Circle photographer and owner of The Henge Shop, Avebury
    Phillipe, born in Belgium has been an art dealer for many years and he has had his own art gallery in Brussels. Needless to say he has a clear eye for beauty. That may have made him notice the crop circles to begin with. Nowadays he is the owner of the Henge Shop in Avebury and he spends as much time as he can making aerials of Crop Circles. In 2013 he published a book “Crop Circles, Beauty and Soul” featuring many of his great pictures. 
    More info about the Henge Shop can be found at the website: 

    Presentation: “Crop Circles from the Air”
    Philippe is a regular at the Yatesbury Airstrip and a good friend of the renowned crop circle pilot Tony Hughes. Philippe has many stories to tell about his adventures as a crop circle aerial photographer. And of course he will share many of his great pictures.

    Randell, Crop Circle researcher and visual artist
    As a Dutch artist, activist and aware dreamer, Randell has been an inspirer most of his life. Although he studied the crop circle phenomenon long before 2007, only since then, he appeared physically in the fields every year. 
    More info about Randell can be found at his website:

    Presentation: Stamps to Samsara 
    With the primary focus on decoding or translating the language of crop formations, Randell will guide us through original, eye-opening and mind-blowing finds. As it seems to help us get out of the world of illusions.

    Michael Glickman, Crop Circle researcher and geometrist

    “After more than twenty years of focused involvement with the crop circles I am delighted to confess that I do not know what is going on here. I have many ideas, hypotheses and speculations but I realise (and perhaps this is the charm of this phenomenon) that they are all hollow! Anyone who claims “to know”, anyone who professes “certainties”, is either a fool or a liar.”
    More info about Michael Glickman can be found at his website:

    Presentation: “Bearing false Witness”
    Having devoted the last 27 years of my life bewildered by the study of this radiant and unexplainable phenomenon I am even more bewildered by the ease with which apparently sensible people swallow obvious lies.

    Lucy Pringle, Crop Circle researcher and photographer
    Lucy Pringle is Founding member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. She is an international authority on the subject and the pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems. This includes the physiological and psychological effects reported by people after visiting or being in the vicinity of a crop formation. Also animal behaviour, remote effects, luminosities, mechanical failures and audio effects. Her research shows measured changes in the human hormones following short exposure to the circles, also changes in brain activity. More info about Lucy Pringle can be found at her website:

    Presentation “Facts and Frequencies”
    In her talk, Lucy will elaborate on her vast body of research of over 20 years.

    James Hussey, Farmer of the fields around famous Hackpen Hill
    James Hussey is one of the few farmers in Wiltshire that still allows visitors on his land whenever there is a crop circle. As crop cricle enthousiasts we welcome that very much. Not too much trouble to pay him a little fee that he donates to the Brighter Futures Charity, that is very close to his heart. Learn more about Brighter Futures here: 

    Presentation “A Farmer’s Perspective”
    In his presentation, James Hussey will elaborate on the upsides and downsides of having crop circles and large amaounts of tourists on his land. He will also talk about Brighter Futures and why he wants to donate the money he receives from visitors to this charity.

    Gary King, Crop Circle researcher, involved in the filming of the 7-7-7 event.
    Gary began researching the crop circle phenomenon in 1997. He first came to the publics attention after having been one of the three witnesses present at the East Field formation on the 7th July 2007. Since then he has lectured both nationally and internationally, and featured in numerous TV productions regarding the phenomena.

    Presentation: “Cards on the Table”
    Humanity is at a crossroads. Its plain for everyone to see that our current political and economic systems are crumbling. With the media constantly informing us of the threats we all face, from environmental disaster to all out global war, it seems that humanity is on a runway train, speeding toward the edge. We need to change, but such a change can’t be forced upon us from outside, as creatures possessing free will, it’s entirely down to us. To do this we must first understand where are, and how we got here. Looking at formations from the early years and moving through to the present day, Gary will show that the crop circle symbols, together with the context of the land where they appear, are literally laying humanities collective history before us, just like cards on the table.

    Lucy Pringle

    Annemieke Witteveen

    Michael Glickman

    Have a look at our video page to see some of the lectures in 2015/2016

    Or see the pictures of the 2016 Night of Crop Circling or the 2015 Night of Crop Circling

    Date: Wednesday August 2nd, 2017
    Location: Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK SN8 4LB
    Close to the Milk Hill White Horse
    Tickets only at the door, £ 10,– p.p, no reservations needed
    Coffee or tea £ 1,–

  • Wednesday July 27, 2016. “A Night of Crop Circling”

    After the success of the “Night of Crop Circling” last summer, we decided to do it again in the summer of 2016. Like last time it will be a series of 6 short lectures on various crop circle related topics. We are happy to have found six new speakers with a profound interest and background in crop circling. There will also be stalls with crop circle books, jewelry and other crop circle memorabilia. 

    7.30 pm: Doors open
    8.00 pm: Frank Laumen (Slide show)
    coronation hall door8.20 pm: Roeland Beljon
    8.40 pm: Busty Taylor
    9.00 pm: Tea/Coffee Break
    9.30 pm: Annemieke Witteveen
    9.50 pm: Simon Miles
    10.10 pm: Prof. J. Paul de Vierville
    10.30 pm: End
    11.00 pm: Coronation Hall closes

    1000011_646470945364460_96247742_nFrank Laumen (D)
    Frank is one of the leading photographers in the field of crop circles and ancient sites. He also specializes in photographs of illuminated buildings around the world. Frank got involved in the phenomenon in 1997 when he first visited Wiltshire and he has been back every summer since. He will start the Night of Crop Circling with a stunning slide show to set the mood.

    Roeland Coronation HallRoeland Beljon (NL) “Crop circles, the chase goes on”
    Roeland has been visiting Wiltshire and the Crop Circles together with his partner Nancy Polet since 1994. In these years they have experienced some remarkable events, both in the UK and the Netherlands. He will share some of them tonight. Back home in the Netherlands, Roeland is chairman of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies, in Dutch: Graancirkelwerkgroep Nederlanden.

    Busty Taylor Barge InnBusty Taylor (UK)
    Busty is one of the first crop circle researchers ever, being involved in the phenomenon since 1985. He was one of the leading crop circle researchers and photographers all during the nineties when the phenomenon was at it’s peak. He was a central member of the Centre for Crop Cirlce Studies. Through the years he developed his own unique view on crop circles that might be surprising to some of us. Busty also studied the ufo phenomenon. Nowadays his main interest is ancient sites.

    Miek09cAnnemieke Witteveen (NL)
    “The message of the Goddess”

    Annemieke got involved in crop circles in 2002 after reading a book about crop circles by Janet Ossebaard. In 2003 she went to Wiltshire on her own and soaked herself in the phenomenon. Annemieke is well known for her Antroposophical dolls, filled with the seeds from crop circles. Annemieke wrote a children’s book that revolves around crop circles. She has a vast experience visiting crop circles and has many stories to tell.

    Simon Miles (2) vierkant

    Simon Miles (UK)
    The Barbury Castle Crop Circle Sequence 1991-2008″
    Simon Miles, originally from Australia, has been fascinated by the mystery of crop circles since the late 1980s, but only went public with his research in 2015 with a presentation at the Bases Conference in Wiltshire in August. This fascinating talk has attracted very positive reactions from foremost investigators including Colin Andrews. Simon has uncovered deep connections between the geometry of key crop circles clustered around Barbury Castle which point to the involvement of higher mind in the creation of these designs, regardless of whether or not the circles involved were man-made. This is highly original and unique material which has the potential to open up an entirely new discussion on the origin of the phenomenon.
    Read more

    1dc00feProf. J. Paul de Vierville Ph.D. (CA)
    Conscious and Unconscious Crop Circling…Watching Psyche in the Field Formations…”
    Dr. De Vierville is Professor Emeritus of The Humanities, History and Interdisciplinary Studies at St. Philips College, Texas. His teaching interests and research experience is in cultural history with a special concentration on spa cultures, civilizations and the new cosmology. He has been a crop circle researcher for over ten years and a familiar face in the crop circle community in Wiltshire. Dr. De Vierville is especially interested in the symbols and their effect on our (un)consciousness.

    Your hosts for the evening: Roeland Beljon and Nancy Polet
    Roeland en Nancy

    Date: Wednesday july 27, 2016
    Location: Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK SN8 4LB
    Close to the Milk Hill White Horse
    Tickets only at the door, £ 10,– p.p, no reservations needed
    Coffee or tea £ 1,–

    Videos and photos
    For some video footage of the “Night of Crop Circling” last summer, see our video page:
    And photos: