Urgent call for action by Nancy Polet LLM, 11th message!

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Call for group meditation, Saturday January 8th 2022

I call on you to participate in a weekly group meditation every Saturday, starting from 8.00 to 8.15 pm CET (7.00 to 7.15 pm GMT). The goal is to turn this crisis around. The 1st meditation took place Saturday October 30th 2021. By the end of every week, you will receive new instructions for the next meditation by email.

What’s going on?
In the Netherlands, the court allowed lockdown to remain until January 14th in a summary proceeding against the state, to end the current lockdown immediately. There will very likely be an appeal.
In England, prime minister Johnson will not instate a new lockdown to fight the omicron variant as he thinks wearing face masks and social distancing is enough. In Austria on the other hand, lockdown measures apply just to the unvaccinated, who are only allowed outside for essential shopping. In France, president Macron is on a quest to annoy the unvaccinated as much as he can. From January 15th, they will no longer be allowed in restaurants, cinema’s etc. In Israël, the fourth jab is offered to the people. Despite that, covid cases are soaring to a new record. Novak Djokovic faces deportation from Australia as apparently he poses a threat to their zero covid cases policy. It looks like governments are confused about how to fight the crisis as they are clearly not all on the same page anymore.



  • Where do I sign up?

You cannot. Just follow the instructions of the meditation.

  • What if I can’t make it on time?

Just do the meditation when you are able to. You can join the group again the week after. 

  • Should we be meditating daily?

Dion Fortune suggested that the process would be more effective if everyone would do the meditation daily. In modern times that is not always possible.


  • Nancy’s call for group meditation is shared often, which is much appreciated. Some people prefer meditations with friends. More and more people join the meditation every week.
  • Some people are empowered by the meditation, others tingle at a higher frequency and some notice the field to be more at ease after the meditation.
  • Some participants seem very happy with the symbol of the Flower of Life, containing the Peace-sign, as it represents the basis of life on earth.
  • Other participants find Dion Fortunes words on Magic and Cosmic law to be helpful and comforting.
  • Some participants, who have done the meditations in their own time, still find them to be very powerful.  

Nancy on the life and spiritual magic of Dion Fortune, part 3

Dr. Moriarty
There is this occult saying: “When the student is ready, the master will appear”.
At the end of the first World War, in 1917, Violet met Dr. Theodore Moriarty, a Freemason, solo magician and occultist, with a special interest in psychology and healing. He was convinced that diseases or mental illnesses could only be explained by investigating previous lives.
Moriarty could read aura’s, project his astral body and could make objects from an unknown location appear in his room. He knew how the universe worked and he remembered previous lives as a priest in Egypt and Atlantis. He had a strong belief in astrology and knew how to deal with entities and thoughtforms by absorbing their energy in his own aura.
Moriarty trained Violet until she had a sufficient knowledge of the Western Mystery Tradition.
In 1926 she wrote a novel of short stories about him, called: The Secrets of Doctor Taverner.  In this book she changed the name of Moriarty into Taverner, but she insists that the stories in the book are literally true and even toned down to make them fit for print.
In the introduction to this book she writes: “To ‘Dr. Taverner’ I owe the greatest debt of my life and without ‘Dr. Taverner’ there would have been no ‘Dion Fortune’.”
(to be continued)

Subject 11th meditation 

The subject of this week is: “To invoke the purifying Tides of Destruction upon whatever is obsolete, selfish and inefficient in our country”.

Nancy on the subject: “Worldwide, everything that is obsolete must vanish. It is time that governments start acting less selfish and more efficient”. 

Instructions 11th meditation, Saturday January 8th 2022, from 8.00 to 8.15 pm CET (7.00 pm UK time).  
The instructions have changed.

Opening Sacred Space

Nancy rings 7 bells (a hotel-bell, several wind-chimes and several Tibetan bells) which open Sacred Space for everyone and set protection.

Stage 1: After reading this email, sit in a shimmering room and light a candle. Assume the position seen in Egyptian statues; feet and knees parallel but not in contact, and hands laid flat along the thighs. Slowly breathe in and out. If necessary support your back.

Stage 2: Think of the subject of this meditation, which is: “To invoke the purifying Tides of Destruction upon whatever is obsolete, selfish and inefficient in our country”. Use the symbol of the Flower of Life, containing the Peace-sign.

Stage 3: Imagine the 7th Master of Wisdom or archetype. The 7th master of the purple or violet ray (the 7th, or crown chakra) is Mahavatar Babaji, the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda. Mahavatar Babaji (Great Avatar, Revered Father) is the immortal Yogi-Christ/Buddha, who works for the spiritual salavation of our time. Baba means ‘father’ and ‘ji’ means honour, so Babaji means ‘Honourable Father. Every time you honourably pronounce the name Babaji, you are being blessed.  
Violet is the colour of cosmic consciousness. Violet is known as a sterile colour that can ease pain en release tension in the body. It acts as a shield against negativity and is a protective colour for those who seek spirituality. Violet is experienced as a colour that helps to dissolve the ego.
The element is cosmos and the associated sense is bliss.

Stage 4: Focus mentally, in the name of “All That Is” to service to the collective without distinction between friend and foe. Let the good that you are about to invoke come through for all, relying upon Cosmic Law to adapt it to the needs or healing of the collective.

Stage 5: Open your mind as a channel for the work of Mahavatar Babaji.

Stage 6: Meditate once again on the subject set for the work of this week: “To invoke the purifying Tides of Destruction upon whatever is obsolete, selfish and inefficient in our country”.

Stage 7: At the end, say out loud: “It is finished!”. Rise from your seat and stamp your feet firmly to make sure you are fully grounded. Blow out the candle. Next, start doing something to distract you.

Closing Sacred Space
Nancy rings the 7 bells again which closes Sacred Space.

Keep strictly to the method. It is only by single-pointed teamwork that results are obtained. Never attempt to deal with specific problems just on the physical plain. Bring forth spiritual force and leave it to that force to work it’s own way.

Next meditation

Every meditation will be different, serve another purpose, but the effect will be noticeable. Every email will contain clear instructions. Everyone can participate, you are free to pass on the message. There is no need to sign in.

We will not be using zoom or facebook live in the foreseeable future, as we have a large Dutch audience as well as an international one. But you can easily do the meditations on your own. We will spread the message all over the world as we need as many participant as we can get.

Suggestions and sharing of experiences is much appreciated. Messages are welcome via info@skyhighcreations.nl, use “Group meditation” as a header.

Good luck and thanks for participating!

More info about Dion Fortune you can find in my article “The life and spiritual magic of Dion Fortune”, published in VAMzzz Magazine no. 4.

The book “The Magical Battle of Britain” is available on Amazon


Best wishes,

Nancy Polet