Urgent call for action by Nancy Polet LLM, 2nd message

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Call for group meditation on Saturday November 6th 2021
I call on you to participate in a weekly group meditation every Saturday starting from 8.00 to 8.15 pm CET (7.00 to 7.15 pm GMT). The 1st meditation took place Saturday 30th October 2021. By the end of every week you will receive new instructions for the next meditation by email.

What is going on?
Back in the Netherlands, Tuesday November 2nd 2021, new restrictions were declared due to the covid-crises. Mouth covers are manditory again and only vaccinated people are allowed in the gym. The government threatens us by saying that only if we behave, we will be able to celebrate Christmas as usual. In some countries the situation is getting more grim. In the state Victoria in Australia for example protestants are being shot at. People without vaccination are not allowed to work (No Jab, No Job), or shop (No Shot, No Shop) and are excluded from basic facilities like bank accounts until 2023. Members of parliament without a jab are not allowed in parliament and are not allowed to vote. Covid-Marshalls assist the people to turn each other in. 
In the US children are now vaccinated from the age of 5.
This way, division and polarity in society and in the world is being increased. The principle of divide and conquer is thriving.



  • Do I have to sign up?
    No, there is no need to sign up. Just follow the instructions of the meditation.
  • What if I can’t make it on time?
    Just do the meditation in your own time, you can join the group again the week after.
  • Should we be meditating daily?
    Dion Fortune suggested that the process would be more effective if everyone would do the meditation daily. In modern times that is not always possible.


  • The call for the group meditation is being shared a lot which is much appreciated. Some people meditate together with friends.
  • Some people experience the meditation to be powerful, others feel a high vibration and some notice the field is more at ease after the meditation.
  • In the town of Almere, fireworks, due to the celebration of Diwali, started at exactly 7.15 GMT, which felt to be empowering.
  • In our home we were acompanied by the joyful screaming noise of children celebrating Halloween which made the veil extra thin. Next, we experienced a beautiful case of serendipity that confirmed the effect of the meditation.

Dion Fortune on Magic and Cosmic Law
If we imagine a world in peace, without crisis or division, we pull this image toward us and the image will start to come alive. So we are pretending. But WE create our world, WE are our own creator, so Cosmic Law can do nothing but follow. Fake it ‘till you make it!

The subject of the 2nd meditation
The subject for this coming meditation is “The inevitableness of victory of Cosmic Law over unbalanced force; therefore there is no need for fear” and use the symbol of the flower of life, containing the peace sign for that purpose.

Instructions for the 2nd meditation, Saturday November 6th 2021, from 8.00 to 8.15 pm CET (7.00 pm in the UK).  
Stage 1, 2, 3 and 7 of the instructions have changed.

Opening Sacred Space
Nancy is ringing 7 bells (a hotelbell, several windchimes and several Tibettan bells) which open Sacred Space for everyone and set protection.

Stage 1: After you have read this email, sit in a shimmering room and light a candle. Assume the position seen in Egyptian statues, feet and knees parrallel but not in contact, and hands laid flat along the thighs. Slowly breathe in and out. If necessary support your back.

Stage 2: Think about the subject of this meditation, which is: “The inevitableness of victory of Cosmic Law over unbalanced force; therefore there is no need for fear”.

Stage 3: When you are fully aware of the subject of the meditation imagine the flower of life symbol containing the peace sign. Imagine the symbol, now placed in the cellar of a castle (fictituous or your favourite castle). From the cellar a first spiral stair leads to a medieval library. A second spiral stair leads to an initiation room. A third spiral stair leads to a watchtower.

Stage 4: Focus mentally, in the name of “All That Is” to service to the collective without distinction between friend and foe. Let the good that you are about to invoke come through for all, relying upon the Cosmic Law to adapt it to their needs or their healing.

Stage 5: Think of yourself as part of the collective soul of the human race. Call on the name of “All That Is” and open your mind as a channel for the work of the Masters of Wisdom (or archetypes).

Stage 6: Meditate again on the subject set for the work of this week.

Stage 7: At the conclusion, say aloud: “It is finished”. Rise from your seat and stamp your foot firmly on the ground to make sure you are fully grounded again. Blow out the candle. Next, start doing something to distract you.

Closing Sacred Space
Nancy rings the 7 bells again which closes Sacred Space.

Keep strictly to the method. It is only by single-pointed teamwork that results are obtained. Never attempt to deal with specific problems just on the physical plain. Bring through spiritual force and leave it to that force to work it’s own way.

Next meditation
Every meditation will be different, serve another purpose, but the effect will be noticeable. Every email will contain clear instructions. Everyone can participate, you are free to pass on the message. There is no need to sign in. We will not be using zoom or facebook live in the foreseeable future as we have a large Dutch audience as well as an international one. You can easily do the meditations on your own. We will spread the message all over the world as we need as many participant as we can get.

Suggestions and sharing of experiences is much appreciated. Such messages are welcome via info@skyhighcreations.nl use “group meditation” as a header.

Good luck and thank you for your cooperation!

More info about Dion Fortune you can find in my article “The life and spiritual magic of Dion Fortune” that was published in VAMzzz Magazine no. 4.

The book “The Magical Battle of Britain” is available on Amazon


Very best wishes,

Nancy Polet


Sky High Creations.