Wednesday July 28th 2021, The 7th! “A Night of Crop Circling” (Via Zoom)

In 2015 Sky High Creations organised the first “Night of Crop Circling” in Alton Barnes, right in the middle of crop circle country in Wiltshire UK. Since then we did one every year.  In the summer of 2021 we will have the 7th “Night of Crop Circling”. Like the previous years, a series of 6 short lectures on various crop circle related topics. Once more via zoom, but next year live again for sure!

Confirmed speakers for 2021 are:

Dr. Zef Damen (NL)

Zef finished his MSc study at the Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 1971, in Digital Technology (cum laude). During his study, in 1969, he won a prize in the international contest of the Dutch Giro Service (Postcheque- en Girodienst) to find a method for automatic reading of handwritten giro-forms. At this event, he was invited by the director-general of the PTT, Dr. Hendrik Reinoud, to come and work with the PTT. This marked his introduction into the Dr. Neher Laboratory, the technical laboratory of the Dutch PTT. In the field of Postal Technology, he worked on automatic letter sorting machines, automatic address reading machines, training equipment, and more general, on pattern recognition and image processing, and postal systems engineering. For long, he has been interested in patterns of all kinds. Later on, in 1994, he graduated at the Technical University Delft on a thesis about Flexible Mail Processing, an Application of Integral Postal Engineering. He holds several patents on pattern recognition. After more than 30 years, he retired as a senior scientist. His hobbies now include: nature photography, building (small) mechanical clocks, and, of course, crop circle reconstructions.

Presentation: Crop Circle Reconstructions
Since 1998, Zef has made over 370 crop circle reconstructions, accurate representations of crop circle patterns with interesting, geometrical characteristics. All these reconstructions can be found on his website. In his presentation, he will explain why he thinks reconstructions are important. For example, to find the intelligent design (“blueprint”) behind these formations. But, what are crop circle reconstructions? Crop circle reconstructions are geometric constructions of geometric elements (like lines, circles, squares, triangles, etc.) that depend on each other, to form tightly connected constructs. He can guarantee, that the outcome of his reconstructions is an accurate and reliable representation of the pattern in the field, by applying the scientific method of model building. Within this method, the result of the reconstruction is directly compared with (various) aerial images of the crop circle formation. In his presentation, he will go deeper into this way of making a reconstruction, and will give some examples. And only in this way he is able to show, that many crop circle formations include “tricks” within their design. Very often, the most obvious solution happens to be not the right one! More info can be found at Zef’s website:

Marién Grace (USA)

Marién Grace, Director of the Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group in the San Francisco Bay Area, uses her commitment to our most beautiful unfolding in this evolutionary process of life to unveil potential meaning from the manifestations in our fields. Her deep exploration into Embodied Sacred Geometry, psyche investigation, unified field theories, intuitive fractal maths, serious gardening and playful wonder inform her delighted exploration into the intersection of our incarnated realms with the support of the beyond.

Presentation: Cultivating a New Relationship with the Cosmos, Crop Circles in Service to Our Evolutionary Aim
At this moment of intense poignancy in our evolutionary history, humans are clearly being asked to cultivate a different relationship to reality, one that encourages respect and nourishment rather than one which is disrespectful and toxic to life. Does the crop circle phenomenon encourage this new relationship in a healthy and revealing way? How might the crop circle record reveal to us proper orientation in relationship to this grand Other?

Rieks Schreuder (NL)

Since 1991 when Rieks had his first ‘encounter’ with crop circles* they never left his mind. Every year he was looking forward to what that year’s season might bring and a few times he was very happy to spend his holidays amidst the circles. Rieks has experienced strange things while he was there and that made the feeling that there is something strange going on only stronger. Sometimes he published his findings on The Cropcircle Connector but most of the findings were kept in hibernation on his harddisk. Until he started his website crop circle faction (facts and imagination). That way he can organise his thoughts and somebody may be as amazed as he is himself. 

Presentation: Crop Formations 2019, A Tour de France Extraordinaire
The 2019 crop circle season had very interesting features. Especially the circles which appeared in France. This year 16 crop formations were formed there. The spatial relationship to each other though is the more interesting part. Rieks found out where the formations are lying and if their distances to each other have special characteristics like for instance a Phi-relationship.  The day of appearance and the Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset on that day is considered as well and might perhaps answer the question “why there”? The French crop formations brought him a lot of surprises and he hopes they will surprise you too. More info can be found at:

Prof. dr. Jerry Kroth Ph.D. (USA)

Jerry Kroth is an Associate Professor in the graduate counseling psychology program at Santa Clara University. He teaches psychotherapy and personality theory, dreamwork, and research methods. He has an abiding therapeutic interest in working with dreams, personal oracles, and the applications of dream theory to psychohistory. Dr. Kroth has been a member of the International Psychohistorical Association since 1983.

Presentation: “The Abyss Crop Circle”
Dr. Jerry Kroth, author of Messages from the Gods: on the extraterrestrial origin of crop circles, will speak about a very recent crop circle that appeared July 2, 2021. He will first discuss some of the conventional interpretations that have been profferred, but he will offer quite a different and far more foreboding interpretation. He calls his talk “The Abyss Crop Circle”

Guy Shepherd (UK)

Guy Shepherd and his motorbike are a familiar site for those who have roamed the crop circles the past few years. Although relatively new to the phenomenon, Guy has seen around 50 crop circles up close in just three years time. Of course, being a resident of crop circle country, Wiltshire, the Vale of Pewsey to be exact, makes that easier for him. First and foremost, Guy has a passion for people and jewellery. His dedication to this is manifested in his magical home and gallery, The Smithy. Guy uses this base to entertain clients and friends, walk the Wessex downs, motorcycle beyond, take photographs and write novels. His spiritual attachment to the local permanent stone circles and more occasional crop varieties, fuel this haven for the arts, happiness and well being.

Presentation: “My extraordinary crop circle journey”
It is fair to say that the crop circle phenomenon changed Guy’s life forever. This talk is about his own journey in life, how he got into crop circles, how it influenced him to write a novel (Circum Navigation) before he had even visited one, how much of his imagined fiction actually came true afterwards and the incredible characters and experiences, both good and bad, he has encountered on his personal visits to over fifty local formations. It is about enthusiasts, researchers, farmers, hoaxers, drone pilots the military etc. This is a truly exciting story.
The novel “Circum Navigation” can be obtained via Amazon.
More info about Guy Shepherd and his work can be found at: and

Roeland Beljon (NL)

Roeland is a Sociology major and has been working in the field of mobility management and environmental consultancy for over 20 years. has been visiting Wiltshire and the Crop Circles together with his partner Nancy Polet since 1994. In 1995 they joined the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies. A group of croppies that is still going strong today. Roeland has been chairman of the DCCCS for the past 10 years. In 2010 Roeland and Nancy founded Sky High Creations to bring together like minded people. Since then they have organised hundreds of lectures, workshops and symposia on frontier sciences and spiritual growth. The “Night of Crop Circling” is their highlight of the year. 

Presentation: “The Crop Circle Ghost Phenomenon”
Every now and again a special kind of crop circle appears. It is not really a crop circle, but the shape of a crop circle that was there the previous year reappears. Sometimes in different crop. Usually the shape is visual because the growth of the crop is disturbed in the spaces where the crop was flattened in the original crop circle. What does that tell us?

Programme (CET, Central European Time, Amsterdam)
7.40 pm CET: zoom meeting opens
8.00 pm CET: Introduction by your hosts Nancy Polet and Roeland Beljon
8.05 pm CET: Zef Damen
8.25 pm CET: Mariën Grace
8.45 pm CET: Rieks Schreuder
9.05 pm CET: Jerry Kroth
9.25 pm CET: Guy Sheperd
9.45 pm CET: Roeland Beljon
10.05 pm CET: questions and answers
10.30 pm CET: zoom meeting ends (end time is just an indication)

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The Pineal Gland, Your Antenna for Inside and Outside, 3-day workshop with dr. Saskia Bosman Ph.D. Saturday July 3rd, 17th and 31st 2021 (Via Zoom)

The Pineal Gland, Your Antenna for Inside and Outside, A 3-day workshop.
In January, dr. Saskia Bosman gave the lecture “The Pineal Gland, our Cosmic Antenna” in English and we promised to organise the 3 day workshop of which this lecture is an introduction. If you missed the lecture, you can still purchase the video from our “videos for sale” page. The workshop contains three separate programs that stand on their own. So you can choose to do all three, but you are also fine to just pick either one or two of the workshop days.

Day-1: The Pineal Gland, Well-Being and Consciousness 
Saturday July 3rd 2021

How can you deploy your pineal gland for your well-being and inner growth? This workshop day is about a very small but important gland in the centre of your brain. The pineal gland is the interface between inside and outside. This gland plays a powerful role in our well-being and consciousness. In this workshop day an explanation is given how the pineal gland works and how you can stimulate your own consciousness expansion and well-being. This workshop day is interactive and we learn from each other. In between and after the talks the information is immediately applied in meditative exercises. We will go deeper and do more meditative exercises than in the lecture.

Introduction: The pineal gland in well-being and self-healing.

  • The role of the pineal gland in the maintenance of our well-being, in diseases and in recovery.
  • The biology of the pineal gland.
  • How the pineal gland regulates our wake-sleep cycle.
  • The pineal gland as an interface between your body and environment.
  • Calcification and decalcification of the pineal gland.

Experience: Support for your pineal gland.

You will learn several meditative exercises to support the cleansing and balancing of your pineal gland.

Introduction: Pineal gland and consciousness.

  • What does the pineal gland have to do with your consciousness?
  • The crystals in the pineal gland cells as possible transmitters and receivers.
  • The pineal gland hormones facilitate different states of consciousness.
  • Evolution of the pineal gland as a third eye.

Experience: Your pineal gland as an antenna for consciousness.

Meditations which support the experience of different states of consciousness.

Day-2: The Pineal Gland, a Light Organ in Space and Time and Beyond
Saturday July 17th 2021

Is the pineal gland a light organ? What did ancient cultures know about the pineal gland? During this workshop day we explore the sensitivity of the pineal gland for light and other energies from space. Then we will journey through time and explore ancient and modern cultures and  spiritual movements and their sometimes amazingly detailed knowledge about the pineal gland. Again talks and meditative exercises will be alternated. The meditations enable you to experience the content of the talks. This enables you to apply the information in a practical way. This workshop day is interactive and we will learn from each other.

Introduction: Light at the boundary.

  • The light-sensitivity of retina-, brain-, pineal gland- and all our body cells.
  • The perception of light behind closed eyelids: phosphenes as portals to our inner universe.
  • The pineal gland, hormones and chakras.
  • Light and the different states of consciousness.

Experience: Light at the boundary.

You will learn several meditative exercises for deploying the ‘Light at the boundary’ for your inner growth.

Introduction: The pineal gland, your greater being and the greater reality.

  • Our pineal gland reaches further than the Earth atmosphere: sensitivity of the pineal gland for solar activity and other astrophysical phenomena.
  • The pineal gland in ancient and modern cultures and spiritual movements: organ for access to the greater, perfect reality (beyond physical reality) and to your greater Being.
  • Ideas about this from quantum physics.

Experience: Your pineal gland as a multifaceted organ of perception.

Meditative exercises that enable you to experience the subjects mentioned above in a positive and balanced way.

Day-3: Quantum energetic work on the Pineal Gland
Saturday, July 31st 2021

This day will be full of practical uses of your pineal gland. We will travel in space and time. We will utilize the quantum physical properties of the pineal gland cells and their crystals, including non-local effects. We will surf on the cycles of time and of our bodies. We will use the sound waves of our voice to tune the pineal gland to even higher frequencies than before. At the same time we will stay grounded in the Earth, our planet that is rising in frequency together with us.

Introduction: Importance of the pineal gland for relaxation.

The importance of the pineal gland for your relaxation: end stress, bore-out and burnout!

Experience: Calming and simultaneously awakening the pineal gland.

  • The pineal gland and the natural rhythmic pulsation of cerebrospinal fluid.
  • The pineal gland as a multi-functional sense organ.
  • Awakening the pineal gland with fire energy from the Earth.

Introduction: faster than light.

The pineal gland and its quantum physical properties: faster than light!


  • Time traveling with your pineal gland.
  • More sounds you can make for your pineal.
  • Synchronizing all your biological clocks.


Your teacher: Dr. Saskia Bosman Ph.D. Biologist
Saskia Bosman Ph.D. is a biologist and independent researcher. For over 40 years Saskia delves deeply into the human being, especially DNA, cells, the brain, consciousness and evolution in the context of the environment (Earth and Universe). Saskia, as a biomedical scientist, offers this workshop based on her scientific interest, knowledge and experience in the relationship between body and mind, purposefully connecting matter and consciousness. Her personal and societal purpose is to contribute to conscious human evolution. For her articles on the pineal gland: Pineal gland and PinealTIGpaperupdated. See also

Day 1, Saturday July 3rd 2021: The Pineal Gland, Well-Being and Consciousness 
Day 2, Saturday July 17th 2021: The Pineal Gland, a Light Organ in Space and Time and Beyond 
Day 3, Saturday, July 31st 2021: Quantum energetic work on the Pineal Gland

The workshop starts at 10.30 am CET or Amsterdam time, that is 9.30 am in the UK
10.15 am: Waiting room opens
10.30 am: Workshop starts
1.30 pm: Lunch break
2.30 pm: Workshop Continues
5.30 pm: Workshop ends, questions and answers
6.00 pm: Zoom meeting closes

Should you want to follow the workshop, but you are not able to attend live, we record every workshop day so that you can follow it in you own time. This is also an option if you live in the USA or any country for which our time zone is inconvenient. Also, should you run into technical difficulty that can not immediately be solved, this is a convenient service. We usually send the link to the video one or two days after the workshop because of the editing process.

If you want to attend on ore more of the on-line workshop days, send us an e-mail at entitled “Pineal Gland”. Clearly state which of the workshops you want to attend by date and title. Each workshop day costs € 80,– pp. You can either transfer the correct amount to NL78 ABNA 0467074526 to R.J. Beljon (BIC Code: ABNANL2A). Or ask us to send you a paypal invoice. After payment we send you the link to the zoom meeting in due time. Usually a day prior to the workshop. You can log on from 15 minutes before the workshop starts. If you don’t have zoom installed just yet, this link will automatically install it for you. If you have never used zoom before, install it well before the lecture and log on early. If you run into trouble call us at +31 (0) 6 54752559. 

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