Saturday, September 25th 2021, “The Organizing Principle”, Lecture by Bert Janssen (Via Zoom)

There are no coincidences
Bert Janssen’s latest book “The Organizing Principle” was published on October 4th 2019.  Groundbreaking observations by Alfred Watkins, John Michell, David Furlong and many others formed the beginning of the discovery  of the illustrious  Organizing Principle that scapes our daily lives.

His own recent experiences at places like Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, Avebury and Glastonbury but also earlier observations in Rome, Paris, Istanbul and Oxford, gave Bert Janssen the insight that everything that happens to us is being orchestrated by one Organizing Principle. 
Because this mechanism is not limited by time and space and therefore not by cause and effect, we often expereince the Organzing Principle as curious coincidences, synchronicities and somtimes even little miracles.  

Bert Janssen shows that the Organizing Principle  determines many aspects of our lives, but that we can also take the initiative and make the Organizing Principle work for us. The more we are aware of this fact, the better we learn to anticipate and participate. Time, space and locality are not very important. Our memory can actively move forwards in time (precognition, premonition, remote viewing) and we can influence things backwards or even change the past as quantum physics prove. 

This lecture is just like the book informative, meaningful and mindblowing. It is aimed at an op open minded audience that knows that life is not merely determend by fate, but has a firm believe in human potential, espacially in personal life.

You can sit back, relax and wait for it to happen or you can actively apply the language of the Organizing Principle, play with it and let the miracles in. The choice is yours… 

Bert Janssen
Bert Janssen is world explorer, adventurer, writer , documantaymaker and storyteller. Every summer he brings groups to the South of England on his Magical Mystery Tours. , Most people know Bert from the crop circles. He is responsible for the three most important documentaries on that topic, “What on earth is going on”, “The research” and “Contact”. For the latter he received the an EBE award. Besides that he wrote 3 books in which crop circles play a major part. And he wrote numerous articles about crop circles in magazines all over the world. A lot of that published on his website: www.cropcirclesandmore.
More information about Bert Janssen can be found on:
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