Saturday January 20th 2024, “Kundalini-Awakening: Intercourse with the Gods”, talk by Nancy Polet (Via Zoom)

Nancy Polet never set out to have a Kundalini-Awakening, but experienced it anyway. This led to 16 years of discomfort, physical and emotional pain. The past 4 years have been unbearable. She ended up in hospital twice but nothing, neither physical, nor psychological could be found. Left to her own devices she turned to Kundalini-experts and read many books about this phenomenon. Now, after many years of uncertainty the Kundalini-Energy has eased a little. Nancy warns people not to try and awaken the Kundalini-Energy if you are not adequately prepared for it. You may very well end up in a mental institution sedated by antipsychotics, or even dead.

Kundalini is the dormant life-force that is contained in the human body at the base of the spine. The word “Kundal” in Sanskrit means “roled up” and so Kundalini refers to that what is roled up. But “Kunda” also refers to the space in which our brain is contained. When dissected the brain looks like a snake, roled up around itsself.
The aim of Kriya-Kundalini-Yoga is to awaken Kundalini-energy. This takes a lot of preparation and practice. Kundalini a a specific type of yoga, only to be practiced with professional guidance. Awakening the Kundalini-energy is being idealised, but remember it means tremendous personal suffering and sacrifice.
If the chakra’s are not activated before the Kundalini-energy is released, the flow of the energy will be blocked in multiple chakra’s. The enery piercing through the chalkra’s will be very painful. It can lead to a state resembling epileptic attack. It can also make you manic or depressed and lead to all kinds of physical and psychiatric disorder.

Intercourse with the Gods
Kundalini (Universal Energy) is an inner fire that burns away al impurity of mind and body. It is a spiritual path that requires a great deal of sacrifice. It is like dying and being reborn. The process of the old karma being burnt by the Kundalini-fire always leads to suffering. The aim of clearing karma is to step away from the wheel of reincarnation and to be able to go straight home. That means back to God the source.
As we speak, aound 6 milion people have (in)voluntaryly experienced Kundalini-awakening. Only a handful of those have reached the final stage of “Samadhi”. Samadhi is a deep state of concentration, trance, wholeness, oneness or total enlightenment. In this stage people often experience a state of sensual euforic ecstacy or bliss and self-ralisation. Kundalini-awakening is more intense than sexual arousal and can be described as “Intercourse with the Gods”.

By profession, Nancy Polet is a legal advisor specialised in environmental issues. But she has studied spirituality for over 40 years. In 2006 she read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. She was very impressed by this book. After that she was initiated in Kriya Yoga by Paramahansa Prajnanananda, a student of a student of Paramansa Yogananda. The initiation itself was not very impressive and the word Kundalini-awakening was not mentioned at all.
In 2019 hell broke loose. Nancy became manic and then depressed. In 2021 she had an attack that had all the symptoms of an epileptic episode. She spent 5 days in hospital and several brain scans were made. Even her spinal fluid was examined but nothing could be found, neither physical nor psychological.

Nancy contacted prof.dr. Hans Gerding, a Dutch Kundalini-expert. He advised her to refrain from meditation and psychedelics but to go hiking, search for a breath therapist and find a new hobby.

Grande Finale
In 2022 the Kundalini-fire went sky high. Nancy experienced anger- and heat attacks and her personal life changed permanently. She experienced bliss as well as stress and deep depression.
After a vistit to Bhaktivedanta Manor, the Krishna-temple in Watford, founded by Swami Prabhupada, she felt that the Kundalini-attacks had reached their peak or that this was about to happen soon.
Shortly afterwards Nancy ended up in hospital again after another epitectic episode (or something that resembled that). Again nothing could be found. Meanwhile she had met a healer who could help her get rid of the attacks in just three sessions.
Nancy went to the Krishna-Center Radhadesh in Belgium and spent the night. The experience was much like the one in Bhaktivedanta Manor. Her world has changed completely. She feels liberated and in permanent bliss.

In this talk, Nancy will explain what Kundalini-awakening is by sharing her own experence. What is it, what can happen, why you should not try and awaken the Kundalini-energy yourself and what you can do if by chance you find yourself in the process anyway.

Programme (CET, Central European Time, Amsterdam)
7.40 pm CET: zoom waiting room opens
8.00 pm CET: start
9.30 pm CET: questions
10.00 pm CET: zoom-meeting ends (indication)

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