• Goddess Sekhmet “The Sacred Journey” 19th to 26th October 2017 (Egypt)

    From October 19th to October 26th 2017, Petra and Annemarie Veltman will organize a trip to Egypt entitled: Goddess Sekhmet “The Sacred Journey”. On this search for the Egyptian Goddess you will be encompanied by special guest Nancy Polet, who will share her personal experience and everything she knows about Sekhmet. 

    More information will follow soon.

  • “Als Sekhmet tot je spreekt”, artikel van Nancy Polet in Frontier Magazine maart 2017

    Klik hier voor het artikel “Als Sekhmet tot je spreekt” van Nancy Polet in Frontier Magazine van maart 2017.

  • Crop Circle Exhibition and Centre in The Barge Inn Honeystreet

    A new and charming venue has been found for the Crop Circle Exhibition & Centre 2017 at The Barge Inn at Honeystreet near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

    The multi-media exhibition, initially created for the Wiltshire Museum in 2014 and later shown at St. Peter’s Church in Marlborough, will be on display from 15th July till 11th August 2017 (daily 11am – 5pm, free entry). Attached to the exhibition will be the Crop Circle Centre, where people can hear the latest crop circle news and enjoy a range of homemade and organic refreshments.

    The exhibition features the key facts of crop circle phenomenon and mixes it with stunning photography and footage. As the Barge Inn and its surrounding area have a long and colorful crop circle history, a special topic on this will be included in the coming exhibition.

    The new Italian landlords of The Barge Inn, Pietro and Barbara Cuomo, recently decided to dedicate a part of their home in the converted Barn to host the Exhibition & Centre. On the garden-terraces, visitors can enjoy a wide range of delightful refreshments with an Italian touch. Besides traditional English dishes, homemade Italian food will be on the menu, along with Italian wines from the new wine-bar, lovely Italian coffees, organic ice-cream and healthy fruit smoothies.

    The Barge Inn has a world-wide reputation for being the annual meeting place for crop circle tourists, fans, enthusiasts with all kinds of views and opinions about what crop circles are, how they form and who or what makes them.

    The team of the Barge Inn and the team of Crop Circle Exhibition & Centre, hope to welcome old and new ‘croppies’ to this special and historical place, to see the exposition, to hear the latest crop circle news, get inspired, relax, eat, drink, discuss and meet.

    Looking forward to meet you in the summer.

    Monique Klinkenbergh and Andreas Müller, Exhibition & Centre Pietro and Barbara Cuomo, The Barge Inn

    Crop Circle Exhibition & Centre 2017 Open: 15th July – 11th August 2017, Daily 11am – 5 pm The Barge Inn, Honeystreet, Pewsey SN9 5PS, UK

  • Klacht over onjuiste voorlichting mbt orgaandonatie

    In december 2016 hebben wij aandacht besteed aan het onderwerp orgaandonatie middels een lezing van Ineke Koedam. Ziehier de aankondiging van destijds. Er blijken nogal wat haken en ogen aan orgaandonatie te zitten, waarover maar weinig wordt gesproken, maar die je wel moet weten voordat je een keuze maakt orgaandonor te worden of niet.

    De Staat en de Nederlandse Transplantatie Stichting roepen ons in campagnes op om ons op te geven als donor van organen ‘na ons overlijden‘. In werkelijkheid is een donor echter helemaal niet dood wanneer zijn organen worden uitgenomen. Er is zelfs een reële kans dat hij de uitneemoperatie ervaart en er pijn bij voelt. Zie de bijgevoegde notitie ‘hersendood en orgaandonatie waarin wordt ingegaan op de vraag of de donor op enigerlei wijze kan ervaren dat er operatief organen worden uitgenomen.

    Er moet dus een eerlijke en betere voorlichting komen. Oud-advocaat Frank Stadermann pleit daarvoor. Hij spant zich in die betere voorlichting te bereiken door middel van een klacht bij de Reclame Code Commissie. Zie voor het concept klaagschrift deze link

    Mocht je ook als klager willen optreden, stuur dan een e-mail met je naam, adres, woonplaats en e-mailadres naar Dan zal hij je als een van de klagers vermelden. Er zijn geen kosten aan verbonden. 

    Deze actie wordt mede gesteund door Ger Lodewick en Ineke Koedam. Lodewick is bekend van het boek “Wat je over orgaandonatie zou moeten weten”. Hij schreef over de haken en ogen van orgaandonatie in het blad Spiegelbeeld en hij spant zich al jaren in voor een respectvolle manier van omgaan met de dood. Voor meer informatie zie:

    Ineke Koedam is actief op het gebied van stervensbegeleding. Ze schreef het boek “Orgaandonatie Doodgewoon” spant zich in om de waarheid over orgaandonatie over het voetlicht te krijgen. Meer informatie is te vinden op

  • Wednesday August 2nd 2017, “A Night of Crop Circling”

    In the summer of 2017, Sky High Creations will organise the third “Night of Crop Circling”. Like the previous years, a series of 6 short lectures on various crop circle related topics. There will also be stalls with crop circle books, jewelry and other crop circle memorabilia. 

    7.30 pm: Doors open
    8.00 pm: Philiipe Ullens: “Crop Circles from the Air”
    coronation hall door8.20 pm: Randell: “Stamps to Samsara”
    8.40 pm: Michael Glickman: “Bearing false Witness”
    9.00 pm: Tea/Coffee Break
    9.30 pm: Lucy Pringle: “Facts and Frequencies”
    9.50 pm: James Hussey: “A Farmer’s Perspective”
    10.10 pm: Gary King: “Cards on the Table”
    10.30 pm: End
    11.00 pm: Coronation Hall closes


    Philippe Ullens, Crop Circle photographer and owner of The Henge Shop, Avebury
    Phillipe, born in Belgium has been an art dealer for many years and he has had his own art gallery in Brussels. Needless to say he has a clear eye for beauty. That may have made him notice the crop circles to begin with. Nowadays he is the owner of the Henge Shop in Avebury and he spends as much time as he can making aerials of Crop Circles. In 2013 he published a book “Crop Circles, Beauty and Soul” featuring many of his great pictures. 
    More info about the Henge Shop can be found at the website: 

    Presentation: “Crop Circles from the Air”
    Philippe is a regular at the Yatesbury Airstrip and a good friend of the renowned crop circle pilot Tony Hughes. Philippe has many stories to tell about his adventures as a crop circle aerial photographer. And of course he will share many of his great pictures.

    Randell, Crop Circle researcher and visual artist
    As a Dutch artist, activist and aware dreamer, Randell has been an inspirer most of his life. Although he studied the crop circle phenomenon long before 2007, only since then, he appeared physically in the fields every year. 
    More info about Randell can be found at his website:

    Presentation: Stamps to Samsara 
    With the primary focus on decoding or translating the language of crop formations, Randell will guide us through original, eye-opening and mind-blowing finds. As it seems to help us get out of the world of illusions.

    Michael Glickman, Crop Circle researcher and geometrist

    “After more than twenty years of focused involvement with the crop circles I am delighted to confess that I do not know what is going on here. I have many ideas, hypotheses and speculations but I realise (and perhaps this is the charm of this phenomenon) that they are all hollow! Anyone who claims “to know”, anyone who professes “certainties”, is either a fool or a liar.”
    More info about Michael Glickman can be found at his website:

    Presentation: “Bearing false Witness”
    Having devoted the last 27 years of my life bewildered by the study of this radiant and unexplainable phenomenon I am even more bewildered by the ease with which apparently sensible people swallow obvious lies.

    Lucy Pringle, Crop Circle researcher and photographer
    Lucy Pringle is Founding member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. She is an international authority on the subject and the pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems. This includes the physiological and psychological effects reported by people after visiting or being in the vicinity of a crop formation. Also animal behaviour, remote effects, luminosities, mechanical failures and audio effects. Her research shows measured changes in the human hormones following short exposure to the circles, also changes in brain activity. More info about Lucy Pringle can be found at her website:

    Presentation “Facts and Frequencies”
    In her talk, Lucy will elaborate on her vast body of research of over 20 years.

    James Hussey, Farmer of the fields around famous Hackpen Hill
    James Hussey is one of the few farmers in Wiltshire that still allows visitors on his land whenever there is a crop circle. As crop cricle enthousiasts we welcome that very much. Not too much trouble to pay him a little fee that he donates to the Brighter Futures Charity, that is very close to his heart. Learn more about Brighter Futures here: 

    Presentation “A Farmer’s Perspective”
    In his presentation, James Hussey will elaborate on the upsides and downsides of having crop circles and large amaounts of tourists on his land. He will also talk about Brighter Futures and why he wants to donate the money he receives from visitors to this charity.

    Gary King, Crop Circle researcher, involved in the filming of the 7-7-7 event.
    Gary began researching the crop circle phenomenon in 1997. He first came to the publics attention after having been one of the three witnesses present at the East Field formation on the 7th July 2007. Since then he has lectured both nationally and internationally, and featured in numerous TV productions regarding the phenomena.

    Presentation: “Cards on the Table”
    Humanity is at a crossroads. Its plain for everyone to see that our current political and economic systems are crumbling. With the media constantly informing us of the threats we all face, from environmental disaster to all out global war, it seems that humanity is on a runway train, speeding toward the edge. We need to change, but such a change can’t be forced upon us from outside, as creatures possessing free will, it’s entirely down to us. To do this we must first understand where are, and how we got here. Looking at formations from the early years and moving through to the present day, Gary will show that the crop circle symbols, together with the context of the land where they appear, are literally laying humanities collective history before us, just like cards on the table.

    Lucy Pringle

    Annemieke Witteveen

    Have a look at our video page to see some of the lectures in 2015/2016

    Or see the pictures of the 2016 Night of Crop Circling or the 2015 Night of Crop Circling

    Date: Wednesday August 2nd, 2017
    Location: Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK SN8 4LB
    Close to the Milk Hill White Horse
    Tickets only at the door, £ 10,– p.p, no reservations needed
    Coffee or tea £ 1,–