Welke evenementen heeft Sky High Creations in het verleden georganiseerd?

  • Wednesday August 2nd 2017, “A Night of Crop Circling”

    In the summer of 2017, Sky High Creations will organise the third “Night of Crop Circling”. Like the previous years, a series of 6 short lectures on various crop circle related topics. There will also be stalls with crop circle books, jewelry and other crop circle memorabilia. 

    7.30 pm: Doors open
    8.00 pm: Philiipe Ullens: “Crop Circles from the Air”
    coronation hall door8.20 pm: Randell: “Stamps to Samsara”
    8.40 pm: Michael Glickman: “Bearing false Witness”
    9.00 pm: Tea/Coffee Break
    9.30 pm: Lucy Pringle: “Facts and Frequencies”
    9.50 pm: James Hussey: “A Farmer’s Perspective”
    10.10 pm: Gary King: “Cards on the Table”
    10.30 pm: End
    11.00 pm: Coronation Hall closes


    Philippe Ullens, Crop Circle photographer and owner of The Henge Shop, Avebury
    Phillipe, born in Belgium has been an art dealer for many years and he has had his own art gallery in Brussels. Needless to say he has a clear eye for beauty. That may have made him notice the crop circles to begin with. Nowadays he is the owner of the Henge Shop in Avebury and he spends as much time as he can making aerials of Crop Circles. In 2013 he published a book “Crop Circles, Beauty and Soul” featuring many of his great pictures. 
    More info about the Henge Shop can be found at the website: 

    Presentation: “Crop Circles from the Air”
    Philippe is a regular at the Yatesbury Airstrip and a good friend of the renowned crop circle pilot Tony Hughes. Philippe has many stories to tell about his adventures as a crop circle aerial photographer. And of course he will share many of his great pictures.

    Randell, Crop Circle researcher and visual artist
    As a Dutch artist, activist and aware dreamer, Randell has been an inspirer most of his life. Although he studied the crop circle phenomenon long before 2007, only since then, he appeared physically in the fields every year. 
    More info about Randell can be found at his website:

    Presentation: Stamps to Samsara 
    With the primary focus on decoding or translating the language of crop formations, Randell will guide us through original, eye-opening and mind-blowing finds. As it seems to help us get out of the world of illusions.

    Michael Glickman, Crop Circle researcher and geometrist

    “After more than twenty years of focused involvement with the crop circles I am delighted to confess that I do not know what is going on here. I have many ideas, hypotheses and speculations but I realise (and perhaps this is the charm of this phenomenon) that they are all hollow! Anyone who claims “to know”, anyone who professes “certainties”, is either a fool or a liar.”
    More info about Michael Glickman can be found at his website:

    Presentation: “Bearing false Witness”
    Having devoted the last 27 years of my life bewildered by the study of this radiant and unexplainable phenomenon I am even more bewildered by the ease with which apparently sensible people swallow obvious lies.

    Lucy Pringle, Crop Circle researcher and photographer
    Lucy Pringle is Founding member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. She is an international authority on the subject and the pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems. This includes the physiological and psychological effects reported by people after visiting or being in the vicinity of a crop formation. Also animal behaviour, remote effects, luminosities, mechanical failures and audio effects. Her research shows measured changes in the human hormones following short exposure to the circles, also changes in brain activity. More info about Lucy Pringle can be found at her website:

    Presentation “Facts and Frequencies”
    In her talk, Lucy will elaborate on her vast body of research of over 20 years.

    James Hussey, Farmer of the fields around famous Hackpen Hill
    James Hussey is one of the few farmers in Wiltshire that still allows visitors on his land whenever there is a crop circle. As crop cricle enthousiasts we welcome that very much. Not too much trouble to pay him a little fee that he donates to the Brighter Futures Charity, that is very close to his heart. Learn more about Brighter Futures here: 

    Presentation “A Farmer’s Perspective”
    In his presentation, James Hussey will elaborate on the upsides and downsides of having crop circles and large amaounts of tourists on his land. He will also talk about Brighter Futures and why he wants to donate the money he receives from visitors to this charity.

    Gary King, Crop Circle researcher, involved in the filming of the 7-7-7 event.
    Gary began researching the crop circle phenomenon in 1997. He first came to the publics attention after having been one of the three witnesses present at the East Field formation on the 7th July 2007. Since then he has lectured both nationally and internationally, and featured in numerous TV productions regarding the phenomena.

    Presentation: “Cards on the Table”
    Humanity is at a crossroads. Its plain for everyone to see that our current political and economic systems are crumbling. With the media constantly informing us of the threats we all face, from environmental disaster to all out global war, it seems that humanity is on a runway train, speeding toward the edge. We need to change, but such a change can’t be forced upon us from outside, as creatures possessing free will, it’s entirely down to us. To do this we must first understand where are, and how we got here. Looking at formations from the early years and moving through to the present day, Gary will show that the crop circle symbols, together with the context of the land where they appear, are literally laying humanities collective history before us, just like cards on the table.

    Lucy Pringle

    Annemieke Witteveen

    Michael Glickman

    Have a look at our video page to see some of the lectures in 2015/2016

    Or see the pictures of the 2016 Night of Crop Circling or the 2015 Night of Crop Circling

    Date: Wednesday August 2nd, 2017
    Location: Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK SN8 4LB
    Close to the Milk Hill White Horse
    Tickets only at the door, £ 10,– p.p, no reservations needed
    Coffee or tea £ 1,–


  • Sunday August 13th 2017, Ayni Despacho Ceremony Workshop with Inka shaman Heather Clewett (Zutphen)

    Ayni Despacho Ceremony Workshop
    to align you with your sacred purpose and calling

    We invite you to the Ayni Despacho Ceremony Workshop where you will learn how to create your own Despacho so that you will have a new and powerful tool to use for your own life and to share with others.

    For centuries, the “paqos” – the high mountain shamans also known as the “wisdom keepers” from the Q’ero lineage of Peru have practiced the Ayni Despacho Ceremony. The word Ayni means balance and harmony. The Q’ero people believe that when humans are out of balance and harmony with themselves, others, and Pachamama (Mother Earth), then the world responds to this and becomes imbalanced as well reflecting it through all different aspects of daily life.

    The Ayni Despacho weaves together the 3 worlds of the shamans – the Hananpacha (upper world of Spirit), Kaypacha (middle world of matter and physical form), the Ukhupacha (lower world of elementals) as well as balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine.

    This profound ceremony is extremely effective when you feel imbalanced in your mental, emotional, and/or physical body. The ceremony assists you to release old ways of being that no longer serve you, and set new intentions for who it is you are becoming. Each ingredient used in this Despacho is given your prayers by using your breath, resulting in the Ayni Despacho becoming a living conscious field for direct communication with Spirit, with the intention to bring you into a place of harmony, union and balance with the natural world.

    If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, exhaustion, lack of clarity, and/or physical healing, this ceremony can bring balance and harmony back into your life creating a greater sense of well-being.

    The Q’ero say that within a two week time of your Ayni Despacho ceremony, you will be presented with the opportunity for greater balance, harmony, and well-being as well as the ability to stay stuck in a lack of balance and harmony…Choose wisely!

    Some of the items that are used in the Ayni Despacho ceremony: “Coca leaves, bay leaves, or eucalyptus leaves are used to hold prayers. Sugar, chocolate, and various sweets bring sweetness and love to the prayers. Corn, quinoa, and other grains are used to acknowledge our gratitude to Pachamama. At the end of the ceremony, the Despacho is offered to a ceremonial fire, to sacred waters or buried in Pachamama.

    While everyone else is waiting for infinity, the shaman says, “How about today?”
    Why wait for those sacred moments to maybe appear (or not), when we can consciously co-create them anytime, anywhere through the Ayni Despacho ceremony?

    A personal note from Heather Clewett that gives you insight on why we should be performing this ritual
    Our world today offers each of us many opportunities to realign ourselves to Ayni on a daily basis. It is not possible, from my way of looking at it, to not be affected by the challenges in our world, and in our own personal lives. As someone who has many different tools to bring inner ease, peace, balance, and harmony back into my life, the one that touches my heart the deepest and has the most lasting effect, is the Ayni Despacho. Whether it is the passing of a loved one, a crisis with your career, wealth, health, or relationship, or just feeling the stress of everyday life, the very act of creating the Ayni Despacho begins to bring the feeling of tranquility back to your being. 

    For thousands of years this ceremony has been performed by the Wisdom Keepers at new moons, full moons, or other sacred times, however, now these same Wisdom Keepers are asking all that know this sacred ceremony to perform it as often as possible. Each one of us is needed to co-create a world that works for everyone. The energy of anger and fear is powerful. However, unconditioned loving intent powered by your heart will always be the most powerful!
    Heather Clewett
    Sedona, Arizona
    24 June 2017

    Heather Clewett has devoted many years to the study, practice and exploration of ancient healing methods of the Inka and pre-Inka Shamans. As a widely acclaimed lecturer, teacher, healer, researcher, and writer based in Sedona, Arizona, she assists people in the United States and Europe to create sustainable change in all aspects of their lives. For more information about Heather’s seminars and private sessions, visit

    Cursusleiding en voertaal:
    Cursusleider is Heather Clewett, afkomstig uit Sedona Arizona. Heather is Sensar Sjamaan in de Inka Traditie. De workshop wordt in eenvoudig Engels gegeven.

    Wat neem je zelf mee?
    Voor het maken van de Despacho zijn diverse items nodig zoals hierboven beschreven. Sommige items zijn al aanwezig, maar andere items zijn meer persoonlijk en die zul je zelf mee moeten brengen. Daarover ontvang je tijdig bericht.

    Zondag 13 augustus 2017 van 10.00 tot 17.00 uur

    € 95,– per persoon. Deze prijs is inclusief koffie en thee, maar exclusief lunch. Het aantal plaatsen is beperkt (ca. 25) dus reageer snel.

    Aanmelden voor deze workshop kan via het contactformulier of door een mail te sturen naar onder vermelding van “Ayni Despacho”. De kosten bedragen € 95,– per persoon in de voorverkoop. De aanmelding is definitief nadat de betaling is ontvangen. Je kunt € 95,– overmaken op NL78 ABNA 0467074526 t.n.v. R.J. Beljon (BIC code: ABNANL2A) Je kunt ook bellen met: 06 54752559.

    Brasserie Fort Bronsbergen
    Bronsbergen 25
    7207 AD Zutphen
    Klik hier voor de locatie

    Voldoende gratis parkeergelegenheid

    Heather Clewett
    Heather Clewett studeerde toegepaste wis- en natuurkunde aan de universiteit van Chico (USA), waarna ze verhuisde naar Silicon Valley en begon te werken in de micro-elektronica. Uiteindelijk startte ze een bedrijf in testapparatuur voor telecommunicatie. Rond de eeuwwisseling verliet ze de wereld van wetenschap en technologie en begon als docent en coach op het gebied van energy healing, mindfulness en stress management.

    Heather is al 26 jaar ondernemer en kan net zo gemakkelijk praten over quantum fysica als een iemand begeleiden in het rouwproces na het verliezen van een geliefde of een cursus energy healing technieken geven. Drie succesvolle ondernemingen verder brengt het nieuwste avontuur haar in de wereld van de speelfilm.

    In het tijdschrift Paravisie verscheen in november 2014 een artikel over Heather Clewett naar aanleiding van haar workshop Egg Clearing. Klik op de afbeelding om het artikel te lezen:


    Bezoek de website van Heather:


    Als u automatisch op de hoogte wilt blijven van de lezingen, meld u dan aan voor de nieuwsbrief.

    Voor meer informatie kunt u ook telefonisch contact opnemen op: 06  54752559.


  • Sunday July 30th, Nancy Polet: “When Sekhmet becomes alive” at the Glastonbury Symposium 2017

    Nancy Polet
    Nancy Polet (LLM) has been researching the spiritual and esoterical for more than 30 years, while working in environmental law for over 2 decades. Together with her partner Roeland Beljon she has been part of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies since 1995. In 2010 Nancy and Roeland founded Sky High Creations. In that same year Nancy had a powerful mystical experience in The White Spring in Glastonbury which led her to study magic and in particular the work of magician, occultist and writer Dion Fortune. She lectured and wrote several articles about her experiences and extensive research which were published in various spiritual magazines.

    Presentation: “When Sekhmet becomes alive”
    Last summer Nancy felt the urge to visit The British Museum in London. Inside, she was drawn to a very much “alive” statue of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. An overwhelming feeling of recognition and a profound memory surfaced. Nancy found herself to be in communication with Sekhmet. Synchronicities started running wild and the Goddess called her back 2 more times. Nancy started researching Sekhmet and found that sensitive people experience visionary trances being near This Lady of the Flame. Nancy will explain how Egyptian magic can make a statue come “alive” and what the power of Sekhmet represents  to women. Her many statues are still being excavated and a Sekhmet-revival is a definitive sign of our times.  

    Lecture time: Sunday July 30th, 9.40 – 10.40  am
    Glastonbury Symposium, Fri 28th – Sun 30th July 2017
    Townhall Glastonbury, Somerset UK

  • Friday, July 28th, Roeland Beljon: “Crop Circles, the chase goes on” at the Glastonbury Symposium 2017

    Roeland Beljon
    Roeland is a sociology major and works in the field of mobility management and environmental consultancy. He has been chairman of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies for the past 5 years and an active member since it was founded in 1995. Together with his partner Nancy Polet he has been visiting the crop circles every year since they discovered their first one next to Silbury Hill in 1994.
    In 2010 Roeland and Nancy founded Sky High Creations and together they have organised many lectures and events on frontier sciences and spiritual growth. Every summer, they organise “A Night of Crop Circling” in Alton Barnes, right in the middle of crop circle country, Wiltshire UK.

    Presentation: “Crop circles, the chase goes on”
    Roeland has been visiting crop circles since 1994. In all these years he documented many of them, using measuring tapes, cameras, pen, paper and questionaires. He has experienced some remarkable events, both in the UK and the Netherlands which he will share in his presentation. Roeland has contributed to research of others and he has his own opinion on the outcome. Through the years his view on the phenomenon and how it should be researched (if at all) has changed. Looking back, Roeland sees that his life turned out very different than it would have without the crop circles. He has traveled much further down the rabbit hole than he ever would have imagined.

    Lecture time: Friday July 28th, 11.30 – 12.30 am
    Glastonbury Symposium, Fri 28th – Sun 30th July 2017
    Townhall Glastonbury, Somerset UK

  • Zaterdag 15 juli 2017, Workshop “De Pijnappelklier, jouw antenne voor binnen en buiten deel II” door dr. Saskia Bosman (Oud-Beijerland)

    Dit is deel 2 in een serie van 2 workshops over de pijnappelklier
    Het is niet per se noodzakelijk om bij deel I aanwezig te zijn geweest.
    In deze workshop gaan we werken met nog meer kennis over onze pijnappelklier en deze ook ervaren. Inleidingen worden weer afgewisseld met meditatieve oefeningen. Tijdens de meditaties wordt de inhoud van de inleidingen ervaarbaar gemaakt, waardoor je met de theorie ook praktisch verder kunt. De workshop is interactief en we leren van elkaar.

    Inleiding: Licht op de grens.
    De waarneming van licht achter onze gesloten oogleden: fosfenen, toegangspoort tot ons innerlijke universum. De lichtgevoeligheid van netvlies-, hersen-, pijnappelklier- en al onze lichaamscellen. De pijnappelklier, hormonen en chakra’s. Licht en bewustzijnsstaten.

    Ervaring: Licht op de grens.
    Enkele meditatieve oefeningen voor het licht op de grens als poort naar innerlijke ervaringen.

    Inleiding: De pijnappelklier, jouw grotere Wezen en de grotere realiteit.
    Onze pijnappelkllier reikt verder dan de atmosfeer dik is: gevoeligheid van de pijnappelklier voor zonneactiviteit en andere astrofysische gebeurtenissen. De pijnappelklier in oude en nieuwe spirituele stromingen: orgaan voor toegang tot de grotere, volmaakte realiteit. De pijnappelklier in contact met het quantumveld. Ons bewuste en on(der)bewuste.

    Ervaring: je pijnappelklier als veelzijdig waarnemingsorgaan.
    Meditatieve oefeningen om bovenstaande op een positieve, gebalanceerde manier ervaarbaar te maken.

    Cursusleider: Saskia Bosman
    Dr. Saskia Bosman is bioloog en zelfstandig onderzoeker. Saskia verdiept zich al 40 jaar in de mens, vooral DNA, cellen, hersenen, bewustzijn en evolutie, in de context van het milieu (Aarde en Kosmos). Saskia biedt deze lezing aan vanuit haar wetenschappelijke interesse, kennis en ervaring als medisch bioloog in de relatie tussen lichaam en geest, doelbewust verbindingen leggend tussen materie en bewustzijn. Zij heeft daarmee als persoonlijk en maatschappelijk doel om bij te dragen aan bewuste menselijke evolutie.

    9.30 uur: inloop
    10.00 uur: Workshop ochtendprogramma
    13.00 uur: Lunch
    14.00 uur: Workshop middagprogramma
    17.00 uur: Borrel

    € 95,– per persoon. Deze prijs is inclusief koffie en thee en een borrel aan het eind van de dag, maar exclusief lunch. Wie ineens voor deel I en II reserveert betaalt € 180,– i.p.v. € 190,–.

    Aanmelden voor deze workshop kan via het contactformulier of door een mail te sturen naar onder vermelding van “Workshop Pijnappelklier deel II”. De kosten bedragen € 95,– per persoon in de voorverkoop. De aanmelding is definitief nadat de betaling is ontvangen. Je kunt € 95,– overmaken op NL78 ABNA 0467074526 t.n.v. R.J. Beljon (BIC code: ABNANL2A)

    kapelle-03 5 x 10Locatie:
    Kerkgebouw van Vrijzinnigen Nederland
    Beneden Molendijk 35
    3262 AA Oud-Beijerland
    Klik hier voor de locatie

    In de omgeving is ruime gratis parkeergelegenheid op verschillende parkeerterreinen. Let wel op! In de Buitenhavenstraat, Havendam en West-Voorstraat geldt vergunninghoudersparkeren.